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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Science Questions from KPSC and MPSC

Absence of Iodine in human body causes ­


What is the scientific name of soda water?

Carbonic acid '

Pharmacology is the study of - .


Who discovered Flourescence ?

Sir George Stokes

Who was the inventor of stainless steel?


The v nom of the cobra acts on ­

Central Nervous system

Who first proposed the concept of Atomic number?

Henry Moseley

Which fruit is the ' ing of fruits'?


Hearing frequency of human .ear

20 Hz to.20000 Hz .

Cane Juice contains wtiich type of sugar ­


The protecting membrane which cover the heart­


The Vitamin required for clotting of blood ­

Vitamin K

Which blood group is considered as a universal recepient ?

Group AB

What is called suicidal bags?


The balancing organ of our body ­



Johny said...

Helpful for Bihar PSC exams

Akarshan sood said...

Very helpful material for enhansing knowledge.keep it updated.thanks

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