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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Urgent Requirement in Qatar

An MEP and Facilities Management Company with more than 10 years in the Gulf requires an Information Technology Manager for its offices in Doha, QATAR.


Current Affairs Questions 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015

Old Books for Competitive Exams Available

Books of various publishers for competitive Exams are available . 40 to 50 % Reduction if any body needs these books please call 9947911861.  Year Books , GK , Numerical Ability , Bank Exams etc some of the title available ..

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Film Review : Ennu Ninte Moideen

A Superb Movie I have ever seen.

Moideen an Kanchana, the local heros of their days fell in love with each other on the banks of the river ` iruvanji '. Both of them belong to feudal family of their time. Read More...

Police Constable Exam 26-09-2015 Question Paper and Answer Key

Friday, September 25, 2015

The eternal love story of Kanchana and Moideen

The eternal story of Kanchana and Moideen
The heartbreaking story of a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy who fell in love while crossing a mighty river, the war between their parents, and a truce that came too late, as always.

- See more at:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Police Constable Solved Paper



Syllabus: An Objective Type Test (OMR Valuation) based on the qualification prescribed for the post.

Main Topics:-
Part I : General Knowledge, Current Affairs &
Renaissance in Kerala
Part II: General English
Part III: Simple Arithmetic & Mental Ability


26/09/2015 Saturday
01.30 PM* to 03.15 PM
Candidates can download the Admission Tickets through their One Time Registration Profile in the Website from 11/09/2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Historic Alleys : Pantalayani Kollam near Koyilandi

Though this port has been mentioned from very early times, it must have become popular some time after the 9th century and came to the forefront when two things happened, one being the move of the Arab & Chinese traders from Quilon & Cranganore to base their trade in Calicut, and the second when the Zamorin took charge. Since then it has been mentioned in many history books and accounts, though the names have varied slightly or largely. Today it is a small town that has been forgotten. Today it sits forgotten, bordering the more populated town of Koyilandi or Quilandy, housing one of the nine original mosques established by Malik Ibn Dinar. It is close to the historic Tyndis (Tanur or Thondi 3 miles north). The sacrificial rock , Balikallu or VelliyanKallu (white rock - Maris Erythrm of Periplus, Pai Chiao or Chia-Chia-Lu in Chinese) is right across (more on that another day) where many a soul was butchered, 3 leagues distant. Geographically, it is approx. lat. 11° 26', a little way north of Koyilandi.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pharmacist Solved Papers

PSC Exam 4 Pharmacist : Previous Question Paper : 2008

1. The alkaloid with anticancer property is :
2. Lead acetate test is positive with
3. Vitamin C is present in
4. Keller – Killani test is to identify
5. Which of the following is a saturated fatty acied?
6. A non reducing sugar is
7. Conversion of glucose to pyruvic acid takes place in
8. RNA synthesis on DNA template is known as
9. All are Ketone bodies except
10. HMG-COA reductase enzyme is involved in
11. Which of the following is known as protein factories?
12. An example for heterocrine gland is
13. The joint between axis and atlas vertebrae in the neck is called
14. Which of the following blood cell is involved in clotting mechanism?
15. A hereditary blood disorder is
16. In electrocardiogram T Wave represents
17. Which of the following cardiac disease is associated with bacterial infection?
18. Amount of air received by lungs during normal breathing at rest
19. Excretory unit of kidney is
20. Isotopes are atoms of an element which have

More ........

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza claimed their second straight Grand Slam title in the US Open women's doubles.

  • The Swiss-Indian duo, who were also victorious at Wimbledon, beat Yaroslava Shvedova and Casey Dellacqua 6-3 6-3.
  • "It has been a great year for us," Mirza said. "To back up [Wimbledon], we feel like we're a really solid team."
  • Hingis, 34, also won the US Open mixed doubles title alongside Leander Paes, and has now claimed five Major doubles titles in total in 2015.
  • "From the start, we hit it off," she said of her partnership with Mirza. "Our games work well together."
  • Hingis - a former world number one singles player who came out of retirement for a second time in 2013 - has now won a total of 14 Grand Slam doubles titles in her career, while 28-year-old Mirza has five.

IT Question Discussion Room : PSC SI TEST

Q. Which among the following  is a malware program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers?

Computer worm

Q. The act of creating mis leading website for the purpose of online identity theft  is 

Q. Which of the following is not required to operate wifi

Ans : Transponder

Q. The activity of creating tracks and sectors on a hard disk is called
Ans : Formatting

Q. The indian computer emergency response team

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) is the Government organisation under Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.It is a nodal agency that deals with cyber security threats like hacking and phishing. It strengthens security-related defence of the Indian Internet domain.

Q. What is the function of control unit in the CPU ?

The control unit (CU) is a component of a computer's central processing unit (CPU) that directs operation of the processor. It tells the computer's memory, arithmetic/logic unit and input and output devices how to respond to a program's instructions.

Q. Gnu Privacy Guard ( GPG  ) is
Ans: A cryptographic Software which provides for key based asymmetric cryptography used for encryption and authentication

Q. Which of the following protocol is used for email transmission across internet ?

Ans : SMTP

[Email Protocols: IMAP, POP3, SMTP and HTTP

Basicaly, a protocol is about a standard method used at each end of a communication channel, in order to properly transmit information. In order to deal with your email you must use a mail client to access a mail server. The mail client and mail server can exchange information with each other using a variety of protocols.

IMAP Protocol:

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) – Is a standard protocol for accessing e-mail from your local server. IMAP is a client/server protocol in which e-mail is received and held for you by your Internet server. As this requires only a small data transfer this works well even over a slow connection such as a modem. Only if you request to read a specific email message will it be downloaded from the server. You can also create and manipulate folders or mailboxes on the server, delete messages etc.

POP3 Protocol:

The POP (Post Office Protocol 3) protocol provides a simple, standardized way for users to access mailboxes and download messages to their computers.

When using the POP protocol all your eMail messages will be downloaded from the mail server to your local computer. You can choose to leave copies of your eMails on the server as well. The advantage is that once your messages are downloaded you can cut the internet connection and read your eMail at your leisure without incuring further communication costs. On the other hand you might have transferred a lot of message (including spam or viruses) in which you are not at all interested at this point.

SMTP Protocol:

The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) protocol is used by the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to deliver your eMail to the recipient's mail server. The SMTP protocol can only be used to send emails, not to receive them. Depending on your network / ISP settings, you may only be able to use the SMTP protocol under certain conditions (see incoming and outgoing mail servers

HTTP Protocol:

The HTTP protocol is not a protocol dedicated for email communications, but it can be used for accessing your mailbox. Also called web based email, this protocol can be used to compose or retrieve emails from an your account. Hotmail is a good example of using HTTP as an email protocol. ]

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Solved Paper SI : 12/09/2015

Friday, September 4, 2015

Kerala Renaissance Questions 4 PSC

1. 'Sanmarga Pradeepa Sabha' at Kumbalam was patronised by:
Ans: Pandit Karuppan

2. Monthly published by Vakkom Maulavi:
Ans: Al Islam

3. Sree Narayana Guru visited the Satyagrahis at Vaikkom in:
Ans: 1924

4. Which book written by Chattampi Swamikal quashes the legend that Kerala was donated to Brahmins by Parasurama?
Ans: Prachina Malayalam

5. Who had been appointed as an accountant in Government Secretariat by Diwan T.Madhava Rao?
Ans: Chattampi Swami

6. Who ousted god from the centre and placed mind in its place?
Ans: Brahmananda Sivayogi

7. Who was the first Vice President of SNDP Yogam:
Ans: Dr.Palpu

8. Another name of 'Melmundu Kalapam'?
Ans: Channar Agitation

9. The founder of Araya Vamsa Paripalana Yogam:
Ans: Dr.Velukutty Arayan

10. The sculptor of the statue of Ayyankali at Vellayambalam in Thiruvananathpuram:
Ans: Ezra David

11. Who established Ezhava Samajam?
Ans: T.K Madhavan

12. Who established the journal 'Mayan' in the year 1917?
Ans: Dr.VelukuttyArayan

13. Who formed `Dharmabhata Sangham' in order to strengthen the activities of SNDP Yogam?
Ans: T.K.Madhavan

14. Who started Sivayogivilasam' magazine in 1914?
Ans: Vagbhatananda

15. Who started Araya Service Society?
Ans: Dr.VelukuttyArayan

16. Who wrote a book to criticise Mokshapradeepam written by Brahmananda Sivayogi?
Ans: Chattampi Swamikal

17. Who wrote the play 'Marakkudakkullile Maha Narakam' which aimed at the reformation of Namboothiri community?
Ans: M.R.B

18. Who initiated Vagbhatananda into Raja Yoga?
Ans: Thycaud Ayya

19. The presiding deity of the Thycaud Ayya Swami Temple in:
Ans: Shiva

20. Thycaud Ayya passed away in:
Ans: 1909

21. Kuriakose Elias Chavara was beatified in:
Ans: 1986

22. The birth place of Mannathu Padmanabhan:
Ans: Perunna

23. The colour of dress used by Sree Narayana Guru in his last days:
Ans: White

24. The first to establish a printing press in Kerala without foreign support: Ans: Kuriakose Elias Chavara

25. The founder of National Democratic Congress:
Ans: Mannath Padmanabhan

10 enlightening quotes by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam : Ignited Minds

1) Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level.

2) Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.

3) One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question. Let the students ask questions.

4) Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model.

5) If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.

6) If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.

7) You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

8) When we tackle obstacles, we find hidden reserves of courage and resilience we did not know we had. And it is only when we are faced with failure do we realise that these resources were always there within us. We only need to find them and move on with our lives.

9) Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in the second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.

10) Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness. Without your involvement you can't succeed. With your involvement you can't fail.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


26/10/2015  Monday
10.00 AM* to 12.15 PM
Syllabus: An Objective Type Test (OMR Valuation) based
on the qualification prescribed for the post.
Main Topics:-
Part I : Questions based on Diploma in Computer
Science with special emphasis on
Computer Programming
Part II : General Knowledge, Current Affairs &
Renaissance in Kerala
(Maximum Marks : 100)
(Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes)
(Medium of Questions: English)
Candidates can download the Admission Tickets through their One Time Registration Profile in the Website from 16/10/2015
Cat : 410/2014

Gulf Teaching Vacancies 2015 - 16

CBSE Curriculum

 Invites applications from qualified and trained teachers in the following subjects:

1. Head of Elementary School
• A Bachelor’s Degree in any subject with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education
• Should have worked as Head of Elementary School for a minimum of five years
2. Secondary School Level - Physics
• A Master’s / Bachelor’s Degree with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education
3. Secondary School Level – Chemistry
• A Master’s / Bachelor’s Degree with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education
4. Senior Secondary School Level – Accountancy
• A Master’s Degree with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education

More Details .....

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