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Thursday, September 28, 2017

HSST Computer Science Exam Orientation 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

HSST Computer Science Exam Questions with Explanations

Q1.The next largest integer corresponding to the positive integer whose representation in hexadecimal format is FF, represented in.octal form is
A. 1000

Answer : C

Explanation : ans : C
FF binary representation :1111 1111
Decimal value. :255
Next largest integer : 256
Correponding Octal : 400

Q2. Q.Dijkstra's Bankers algorithm is used for

A. Deadlock Prevention
B. Deadlock Detection
C. Deadlock Recovery
D. Deadlock Avoidance

Answer: D

Q3. Session multiplexing is the function of _____ layer.

A) Presentation layer
B) Session layer
C) Transport layer
D) Physical layer

Answer: Transport Layer

Q4. .MOV extension refers usually to what kind of file?

A.Image file
B.Animation/movie file
C.Audio file
D.MS Office document

Answer: B

A MOV file is a common multimedia container file format developed by Apple and compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Q5. Which method/s of representation of numbers occupies large amount of memory than others ?
a) Sign-magnitude
b) 1’s compliment
c) 2’s compliment
d) Both a and b

Answer: a

sign magnitude  takes more memory as one bit
used up to store the sign.

Q6.Consider a system having m resources of the same type.these resources are shared by processes A B and C with peak time demands 3 4 6 response.the minimum value of m that ensures deadlock never occurs is

A.11 B.12 C.13 D.14
Answer: 11

Q7.SJF is ...... type scheduling algorithm

a. Pre emptive
b. non - Pre emptive
c. both
d . None

Answer: C

Q8. Data compression is done in which layer?

A) Presentation layer
B) Application layer
C) Data link layer
D) Physical layer

Answer:A simplify a logical expression with 4 inputs we require a k-map with how many cells ?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 12
D. 16

Answer: D

K-map is used for boolean functions...For simplifying boolean functions first we must represent the terms of the boolean function in k-map depending upon whether the boolean function is in SOP form or POS form.

Q10.To detect 2 errors what is the minimum hamming distance
A. 3
B. 8
C. 12
D. 16

Answer: A

Q11. The science and art of breaking ciphers

A. Cryptography
B. Steganography
C. Cryptanalysis
D. Steganalysis

Answer: C

decrypting cipher with known key is cryptography and breaking the cipher without knowledge of key is cryptanalysis..


Q3. Which state has become the first Indian State to approve e-vehicle policy?
[A] Kerala
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Karnataka
[D] Odisha

Answer: C

The Karnataka government has recently approved ‘Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy 2017’ to help the state become a hub for production of alternative fuel vehicles, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, bring down pollution levels and push the ‘Make In Karnataka’ initiative. The new policy aims to attract investments worth Rs 31,000 crore and create around 55,000 employment opportunities. With this, Karnataka has become the first Indian State to approve e-vehicle policy.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

HSST & NET CS Study Group

HSST & NET CS Study Group 

You can join by clicking the below link

Friday, September 15, 2017


Wish to join the study group
Please leave your Mobile Number with Name to WhatsApp Number 7012853532 (  Faisal )

 Previous Sessions can be accessed from our official Blog

HSST Exam Preparation Material

1.      Who invented Integrated Circuit ( IC ) ?
a)      Jack Kilby
b)     Richard Stallman
c)      John Ambrose Fleming
d)     Gordon Moore
Answer: (a)
Integrated Circuit invented by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. Jack Kilby was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physic ( 2000 ).
2.      First 64 Bit Operating System is
a)      Windows
b)     Mac OS X
c)      Linux
d)     Unix
Answer: (c )
 Linux is an open source Operating System developed by Linus Torvald , a Finnish-American Software Engineer  born in Helsinki, Finland. Linux Kernel is used in the development of Android and Chrome OS.
3.      First general purpose Computer
a)      ENIAC
b)     UNIVAC
c)      CRAY-I
d)     EDSAC
Answer: ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) . It was built during World War II by USA.
4.      When was the first email was sent over the Internet ?
a)      1961
b)     1965
c)      1971
d)     1 988
Answer: ( c )
In 1971 the first email was sent between computers by Ray Tomlinson across ARPANET, the early version of Internet.
5.      What is the Internet error Code 404 means
a)      Bad Request
b)     Unauthorized Request
c)      Forbidden
d)     Not Found
Answer:  (d )
‘ Not Found ‘ error means the webpage you were trying to reach couldn’t be found on the server. Either the page has been removed or moved.
6.      Unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer is
a)      Malware
b)     Freeware
c)      Firmware
d)     Bloat ware
Answer: (d)
Bloat ware includes unnecessary toolbars, games of questionable value.
7.      In computing what SSD stands for?
a)      Solid State Device
b)     Static Stationary Drive
c)      Static Solid Drive
d)     Solid Synchronous Drive
Answer: (a)
SSD is a non-volatile storage device that stores persistent data on solid state flash memory.
8.      Name the memory that appears to exist as main storage although most of it is supported by data held in secondary storage
a)      RAM Drive
b)     Hard Drive
c)      Virtual Memory
d)     Virtual Reality
Answer: ( c )
Virtual memory is a feature of an Operating System that allows computer to compensate for shortage of physical memory by temporarily transferring pages of data from RAM to disk storage.
9.      World’s Largest e-Commerce portal
a)      Amazon
b)     Flipkart
c)      eBay
d)     Snapdeal
Answer: (a)
Amazon is an American e-Commerce and cloud computing company with head quarters in Seattle, Washington founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.
10.   World Computer Literacy Day observed on
a)      Oct 24
b)     June 5
c)      Jan 26
d)     Dec 2
Answer: (d)
World Computer Literacy Day which falls each year on 2nd Dec aims to curb the Digital Divide that exists in the world.

HSST Computer Science Notification 2017

Extraordinary Gazette Date:- 30.08.2017
Last Date:- 04.10.2017
Category No: 328/2017 to 341/2017
Applications are invited Online only from qualified candidates for appointment in the undermentioned post in Kerala Government Service. Before applying for the post the candidatesshould register as per the One Time Registration through the official website of Kerala Public ServiceCommission.
1 Department: Kerala Higher Secondary Education
2 Name of Post:
Higher Secondary School Teachers (Junior) in the following subjects

Sl. No.14
Category No : 341/17
Subjects: Computer Science

Scale of Pay : 32,300- 68,700/-

No. of Vacancies  : Anticipated
Separate Ranked Lists will be prepared and published for each subject mentioned above. The list of
selected candidates published by the Commission in response to this notification shall remain in force
for a minimum period of one year provided that the said list will continue to be in force till the
publication of a new list after the expiry of the minimum period of one year or till the expiry of three
years whichever is earlier. Candidates will be advised from the said list against the vacancies if any
reported to the Commission in writing during the currency of the list.

Method of appointment : Direct Recruitment

Age limit :
1.Age 20-40 Only candidates born between 02.01.1977
and 01.01.1997 (both dates are included) are eligible to
apply for this post with usual relaxation to Scheduled
Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward
(for other conditions regarding the age relaxation please
see part 2 of the General Conditions.)
2. Relaxation in upper age limit upto 43 ( Forty Three)
years as on the 1stday of January 2017 shall be allowed
to the qualified Ministerial Staff under Higher Secondary
Education Department for direct recruitment to the
category of Higher Secondary School Teacher.
Note :
As per G.O.(P) No.61/12/SWD dated 17.10.12, 3% vacancies are reserved for eligible
differently abled candidates ,
(1) For Arts & Commerce subjects - Locomotor disability/cerebral palsy,blindness, low vision(2) For Science Subjects – Locomotor disability/cerebral palsy / low vision

Qualification HSST Computer Science
Master's Degree in Engineering or Technology in the concerned subject / M. Tech
Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology /
Software Engineering with not less than 50% marks from a recognized University
Master's Degree in Computer Application/ Master's Degree in Computer Science or
Information Technology with not less than 50% marks from a recognized University.
In the absence of qualified candidates in item (1) above B.Tech/ Bachelor of
Engineering Degree with not less than 50% marks in any branch of study with Computer
Science/ Computer Engineering/ Information Technology from a recognized University.
B.Tech/ Bachelor of Engineering Degree with not less than 50% marks in any branch of
study with Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from a recognized
University/ Lal Bahadur Sastri Centre for Science & Technology / Institute of Human
Resource Development or Department of Electronics 'A' Level accredited
Masters Degree with not less than 50% marks in Mathematics/ Physics with Post
Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from a recognized University / Lal Bahadur
Sastri Centre for Science & Technology / Institute of Human Resource Development or
Department of Electronics 'A' Level accredited
M.Tech Degree with not less than 50% marks in Electronics & Telecommunication /
Electronics Engineering from a recognized University.
B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science with not less than 50% marks and Post Graduate
Diploma in Computer Application from a recognized University/ Lal Bahadur Sastri
Centre for Science & Technology / Institute of Human Resource Development or
Department of Electronics 'A' Level accredited
M.Sc. Statistics with not less than 50% marks with Post Graduate Diploma in Computer
Application from a recognized UniversityHSS

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

HSST Computer Science Exam Preparation 2017

1.A document preparation software
Ref :

2.A technique in which system resources are shared among multiple users:
(A) Multiplexing (B) Demultiplexing (C) Modulation (D) Demodulation

3. Interaction modelling cannot be done using:
(A) State Diagrams  (B) Use - Cases
(C) Sequence Diagrams (D) Activity Diagrams

4.The number of bits that can be transmitted over a networ in a certain period 0/ ime.
(A) Latency (B) Delay (C) Bandwidth (D) Baud
Note : baud is right (bits / sec => bits/unit time,
bandwidth = range frequencies in a band

5. Which of these is not a mark up language?
Note:XGML. => no such language

6. A network topology that combines features of linear- bus and star topology :
(A) Mesh (B) Ring (C)Tree (D) Cube

7.If language L={O,l}*, then the reversed language L^ R  =
(A) {O, 1}* (B) {} (C) {O}* (D) {1}*
{0,1}*  as it can give 01011 and also 11010

8.In Linux, the subdirectory that contains system configuration files including user
(A) /boot (B) /usr (C) /etc  (D) /proc

9.SQL command to delete a column from an existing table:
(A) Alter table (B) Drop table (C) Delete table (D) Delete column

10.A technique not associated with data mining:
(A) Predictive Modeling (B) Link Analysis
(C) Database Segmentation (D) Dimensionality Modeling
Note : Database segmentation. IT cannot be dimensioanlity modelling as it is connected with data mining and data warehousing. Dimensional Modeling refers to the technique used to design logical models for database which can support OLAP and Data Warehousing

11. Memory bank experiencing too much contention from processor:
(A) Fan -in (B) Hot-spot (C) Thrash (D) Fan-out
thrashing => excessive hitting with no progress

12.The number of nodes in a complete binary tree of height n :
(A) 2^(n-1)_1 (B) 2^(n-1)+1 (C) 2^(n+1)_1 (D) 2^(n+1) +1

13.The science and art of breaking ciphers.
(A) Cryptography  (B) Steganography (C) Cryptanalysis  (D) Steganalyis
Ref :

14. A raster scan display system with 24 bits per pixel and a screen resolution of 1024xl024 requires a frame buffer of size. 
(A) 1 Mega Bytes (B) 3 Mega Bytes (C) 8 Mega Bytes (D) 24 Mega Bytes 
Note : 24 megabyes => 1024x1024 => that much number of pixels and each pixel takes 24 bits => 1024x1024x24 = total number of bits => divided by 1024 = kbs again divided by 1024 = mbs => answer is 24. its not 3 .

15.Not a parallel programming language. 
(A) C· (B) SEQUENT C (C) nCube C (D) C+ + 

16. Process of mapping a network interface IP address to its hardware address: 
ARP => IP to MAC

17. For the following sample database table staff : 

Staff no Name Designa tion Branch Salary   
SL21 John Assistant B003 30000   
SG37 Ann Supervisor B007 42000   
SL25 Julie Assistant B007 32000   
SL52 Susan Manager BQ03 51000   
SG10 David Manager B004 47000  
the SQL query : SELECT COUNT (Staff no) AS mycount, SUM (Salary) AS mysum 
FROM Staff  WHERE Designation = 'Manager'      returns the result 

(A) mycount = 2, mysal = 47000 
(B) mycouht = 2, mysal = 98000  ( correction :  its not mysal its mysum )
(C) mycount = 5, mysal = 47000 
(D) mycount = 5, mysal = 98000 

18.Linux partitions are created using the file system: 
(A) FAT (B) FAT32 (C) EXT3 (D) NTFS

19. The local area network technology used in Ethernet 

20. Data abstraction means : 
(A) Objects of one class acquire properties of object of another class 
(B) Insulation of data from direct access by programs 
(C) Code associated with a procedure call is not known until run time 
(D)Putting together essential features without including background details 

21.A hardware interface that allows for the connection of several peripheral devices to a single 
PCI board. 
(C) ATA 
(D) PCI 
PCI => Peripjeral computer interface = onboard ports to connect multiple devices

22.If n represents the dimension of cube and k, the radix (no. of nodes along each dimensions) 
then the number of nodes N of a k-ary n-cube network is : 
(A) N=n^k (B) N=logkn (C) N=lognk (D) N=k^n 

23. The output generated by the following C program: 
# include < stdio.h> 
main 0 
int v=3; 
int * pv; 
pv = & v; 
* pv = 0; 
printf (" * pv = %d v= %d ", * pv, v); 

(A) *pv = 0 v= 0 
(C) *pv = 3 v= 3 
(B) *pv = 0 v= 3 
(D) *pv = 3 v= a 

24.A famous technique used in data warehousing: 

25. The environment variable in Linux, that contain a list of directories the shell automatically 
(A) $ PATH 
(B) $ ENV 
(C) $ USER 
(D) $ GREP 

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