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Friday, September 15, 2017

HSST Exam Preparation Material

1.      Who invented Integrated Circuit ( IC ) ?
a)      Jack Kilby
b)     Richard Stallman
c)      John Ambrose Fleming
d)     Gordon Moore
Answer: (a)
Integrated Circuit invented by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. Jack Kilby was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physic ( 2000 ).
2.      First 64 Bit Operating System is
a)      Windows
b)     Mac OS X
c)      Linux
d)     Unix
Answer: (c )
 Linux is an open source Operating System developed by Linus Torvald , a Finnish-American Software Engineer  born in Helsinki, Finland. Linux Kernel is used in the development of Android and Chrome OS.
3.      First general purpose Computer
a)      ENIAC
b)     UNIVAC
c)      CRAY-I
d)     EDSAC
Answer: ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) . It was built during World War II by USA.
4.      When was the first email was sent over the Internet ?
a)      1961
b)     1965
c)      1971
d)     1 988
Answer: ( c )
In 1971 the first email was sent between computers by Ray Tomlinson across ARPANET, the early version of Internet.
5.      What is the Internet error Code 404 means
a)      Bad Request
b)     Unauthorized Request
c)      Forbidden
d)     Not Found
Answer:  (d )
‘ Not Found ‘ error means the webpage you were trying to reach couldn’t be found on the server. Either the page has been removed or moved.
6.      Unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer is
a)      Malware
b)     Freeware
c)      Firmware
d)     Bloat ware
Answer: (d)
Bloat ware includes unnecessary toolbars, games of questionable value.
7.      In computing what SSD stands for?
a)      Solid State Device
b)     Static Stationary Drive
c)      Static Solid Drive
d)     Solid Synchronous Drive
Answer: (a)
SSD is a non-volatile storage device that stores persistent data on solid state flash memory.
8.      Name the memory that appears to exist as main storage although most of it is supported by data held in secondary storage
a)      RAM Drive
b)     Hard Drive
c)      Virtual Memory
d)     Virtual Reality
Answer: ( c )
Virtual memory is a feature of an Operating System that allows computer to compensate for shortage of physical memory by temporarily transferring pages of data from RAM to disk storage.
9.      World’s Largest e-Commerce portal
a)      Amazon
b)     Flipkart
c)      eBay
d)     Snapdeal
Answer: (a)
Amazon is an American e-Commerce and cloud computing company with head quarters in Seattle, Washington founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.
10.   World Computer Literacy Day observed on
a)      Oct 24
b)     June 5
c)      Jan 26
d)     Dec 2
Answer: (d)
World Computer Literacy Day which falls each year on 2nd Dec aims to curb the Digital Divide that exists in the world.

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