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Friday, January 23, 2009


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Monday, January 5, 2009

Water Sports : A Fact File

1. Planing over the surface of water on broad ski-like runners while being towed by a motorboat.
Ans: watersking

2. Underwater swimming done with minimum of equipment.
Ans: skin diving

3. Underwater swimming done with an aqua-lung.
Ans: scuba diving

4. Racing in a sail or power-driven vessel.
Ans: yachting

5. A winter sports pf sailing or racing on ice in modified boats.
Ans: iceboating

6. Racing of watercraft and sculls on inland rivers.
Ans: rowing

7. Game which wasearlier called ‘football in the water’.
Ans: water polo

8. Riding breaking waves towards the shore with the help of a surfboard.
Ans: surfing

9. Propelling the body through water by leg and arm motions and floating.
Ans: swimming

10. Using a small lightweight boat for recreation or competation.
Ans: canoeing

11. The adventurous and exciting water-sport of traveling down a river on a raft.
Ans: white-water rafting

12. A sport in which the narrow canoe-like boat of the Inuit is used
Ans: kayaking
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Questions From Indian Cinema in PSC Exams

1. In 1896, India was firs exposed to motion pictures. It was when ___________, the inventors of cinematograph, unveiled six soundless short films at Bombay’s Watson hotel.
Ans: Lumiere Brothers.

2. The first indigenous colour film was Ardashir Irani’s ______________ it was made in 1937.
Ans: Kisan Kanya.

3. The first international co-production of an Indian Cinema was with Italy for making the film ________________.
Ans: Nala Damayanti

4. The only feature film made by the famous dancer Uday shankar was ________ It was made in 1948
Ans: Kalpana.

5. The Indian maestro who was awarded the special Oscar for ‘Lifetime achievement’ was ________________________.
Ans: Satyajit Ray.

6. The first Hindi film to win the president’s Gold Medal was
Ans: Mirza Ghalib.

7. The first film in technicolour was ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’. It was made by ___________
Ans: Sohrab Modi

8. She is often described as the First Lady of the Hindi screen. She founded the Bombay Talkies with her husband Himanshu Raj . Her name is ___________
Ans: Devika Rani

9. In 1957, the film ____________ was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign language film.
Ans: Mother India.

10. The famous RK Films was launched in 1950 with the film ______________
Ans: Barsaat

11. He is remembered in Indian cinema as the brooding young man attempting to portray the changing social situation of the fifties.He made memorable films like ‘Pyaasa’ and’Kagaz ke Phool’. He was ____________
Ans: Guru Dutt

12. The first International Film Festival of India was held at Bombay in the Year ________________.
Ans: 1952
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Cricket - A Fact Book

The length of the cricket pitch is
Ans: 22 Yards

The first test match was played in 1877 between
Ans: England and Australia

The highest wicket taker in test cricket is
Muttiah Muralitharan

The first cricketer in Test history to score a century against eight test playing nations was
Ans: Steve Waugh

The Indian cricketer who in his Test debut in Pakistan was greeted with a slogan ‘Go back home and drink milk’ was
Ans: Sachin tendulkar

Gavaskar’s only Test victim as a bowler was
Ans: Steve Waugh

India played its first Test match in
Ans: Lord’s

The cricketer who brought out an aluminium bat in a Test match was
Ans: Dennis Lillee

The country that won the World Cup for two consecutive tournaments is
Ans: West Indies

The player who took all ten wickets in an innings in a Test cricket against Pakitan was
Ans: Anil Kumble

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