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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Objective Type Questions for KPSC and TNPSC

Which is the. metal used in Aircrafts ?

The best conductor of electricity

The Process of coating of Iron with Zinc

The membrane that covers the lungs

The instrument used for RBC counting

Haemocyato Meter

The cell organ that helps in the synthesis of proteins
Ribosome .

Which gland is called 'The chemical factory of the body'?

The red coloured pigment of blood, which accepts oxygen

Tiger belongs to the family of

A substance that radiates light when heated is called

Fishes breath through

In onion food is stored in the form of ?

Which is known as the "prince of species" ?

Which is the first hormone prepared by' genetic engineering? .

Tachometer is a device used to measure
Revolutions per minute'

Which chemicals used to remove acidity in stomach?
Magnesium hydroxide.

Pure water is obtained from seawater by the process called

The unit used to measure the energy in food

who prepared soda water for the first time?
Joseph Priestly

Which is ,the important Carbohydrate present in plants?

Which was the first metal made by man?

Tibia bone is present in which part of our body

Contact lenses are made from?
Polymethyl Methacrylate

Name the lens used to correct Astigmatism
Cylindrical lens

Which is known as animal starch

Which is the edible portion of a mango?

Which is the heaviest of the solar system? .
The Sun

Development of an egg without fertilization is called

The acid present in Vinegar
Acetic acid

Leptospira the Pathogen, causing ?
Wails disease

A substance poisonous to an organism is called

Which is the most common mineral ?

Name of the ester present in Orange
Octyl acetate

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the INSPIRATION... said...

gud questions..
was searching for kpsc questions from many days. can u plz post more questions. it would help me a lot as im preparing for kpsc. thanku....

WebSites said...

in this princes of spice is wrong answer the correct answer is pepper

hemanth said...

plz snd sum ques abt managment

Bishwajit said...

i am looking for more such question and answer.can you come with more details on elementary science ......

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