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Friday, May 22, 2009

Repeated Questions in PSC Examination : Guidelines to Follow : Tips for getting a Govt Job

Repeated Questions in PSC Examination : Guidelines to Follow : Tips for getting a Govt Job

1) Frequently Asked Questions in Science

a) Branches of Science ( Eugenics , Cryogenics , Hydropathy, Ballistics )
b) Various Diseases ( AIDS, Cholera , Tuberculosis )
c) Various Devices used for ( Seismograph, Pyrometer , Barometer etc )

2) Questions about Parliament in various nations

Japan – Diet, Afghanistan – Shora , Spain – Crotes , Iran – Majlis , Russia – Duma

3) Questions about superlatives repeated in various PSC Examinations

Largest Desert – Sahara , Largest Delta – Sunder bans etc

4) PSC Asked Questions many times about Abbreviations


5) Significance of Years in Indian History
1885 , 1905 , 1906 , 1911, 1919 etc

6) Questions about National Parks, Wildlife and Sanctuaries
Manas , Gir , Kaziranga etc

7) Research Institutes names and Locations

Indian Institute of Petroleum, National Aeronautical Library etc

8) Questions about Sports Terms and Players
Deuce , Volley , Ashes, Chinamen etc

9) Questions about Books and Authors
10) Countries old name , first in the world , Who’s Who etc

Best Wishes
Qblp Team

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