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Monday, October 19, 2009

Assistant Grade II : Forest Development Corporation : Sovled 1 - 15

1. A byte is made up of:
A. eight decimal digits
B. eight binary digits
C. three binary digits
D. two decimal digits

2. Radix in Hexadecimal system is:
A.Eight B.Two C.Sixteen D.Ten

3. Computer memory consists of:
D. All of the above

4. A high speed memory used for temporary storage:
B.RAM C.Register D.AII the above

5. One Kilobyte represents:
A. 1 000 Megabytes B.l024 bytes C. lOD bytes
D. 1 024 Megabytes

6. Maximum locations that can be addressed with 8 bits is:
A.S12 B.246 US6 D.8

7. Which display standard has highest resolution?

8. EPROM is a:
A. Random access memory
B. Sequential access memory
C. Volatile memory
D. None of the above

9. CACHE is a part of:
A. Memory unit
B. Output device
C.lnput device

10. A Compiler is:
A. Program which translates machine language to highhlevel language
B. Program which translates high-level language to machine language
C. Program which translates assembly language to machine language
D. Program which translates machine language to assembly language

11. Which one is portable?
A. Machine language
B. Assembly language
C. High-level language
D. None of the above

12. Example for an operating system is:

13. Microsoft Excel is a:
A. Word processor
B. Spreadsheet package
C. Graphics interface
D.CAD tool

14. Which one is an open source operating system?

15. Laser printer technology is based on:
A. controlling an ink stream by electric field
B. hammering action of print head
C. creating static electrical image of the document
D. controlling a pen filled with ink

possible answers are made in bold letters. the remaining will continue next blog post. keep visit...

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