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Saturday, May 1, 2010

HSST Computer Science 14 Vacancies - Kerala PSC

Kerala PSC invited online application for HSST Computer Science 14 Vacancies . Last Date : 02.06.2010.

M.Tech / M.C.A / M.Sc Computer Science with 50 % Marks

In the abscence of the above qualified candidates B.Tech (CS / IT ) / M.Sc with PGDCA candidates also can apply.

For more details visit

SST Computer Science Senior - Previous PSC Question Paper
Maximum: 100 marks Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

1. Flow control in TCPIIP is handledusing:
(A) Urgent pointer
(C) Acknowledgement number
(B) Checksum
(D) Variable-size sliding window

2. Which among the following is a protocol 'of Wireless LAN?
(A) 802.2 (B)802.3
(C) 802.5 CD) 802.11

3. The default payload of TCP segment established during connection setup in bytes is :
(A) 536 (B) 512
(C) 1024 (D) 1048

4. Which is the protocol among the following that is used for translating from physical address
to Internet address?


5. Which property among the ones given below is not possessed by the HTTP protocol?
(A) Non-cached (B) Lightweight
(C) Stateless (D) Application level

6. The port number assigned to FTP protocol is:
(A) 23 (B) 22
(C) 69

7. The protocol used in TCPIIP for dynamic address assignment is :

8. Which of the following is true about a cross compiler?
(A) It is written in the machine code of one processor and produces code for another
(B) It is used for compiler porting
(C) It may be written in the same language as the one for which it is a compiler of
(D) All of these


salini said...

Pls display old questions

Deepu said...

ANYONE CAN POST mODEL Questions or Rank file For

Deepu said...

ANYONE CAN POST mODEL Questions or Rank file For

Ashraf said...

i am a B tech student in IT, is there any scope for me, in psc.please inform me.

Jini said...

psc previous questions

Jini said...

please send old questions

Faisal qblpindia said...

For HSST Exam Materials visit

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