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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GK Updated 2011

Q? : The largest ocean of the world is
Ans: Pacific Ocean

Q? : The Gurkhas are the original inhabitants of 
Ans: Nepal

Q? : Mount Everest was named after
Ans: Sir George Everest

Q? : The Japanese call their country as
Ans: Nippon

Q? : Which Film bagged Oscar Award 2010?
Ans: The Hurt Locker

Q? : Who is the winner of US Open 2010 Women's Title?
Ans: Kim Clijsters

Q? : What is AJAX?
Ans: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

Q? : Who is Zimmerman ?
Ans: Phil Zimmerman, the creator of PGP, the world's first free and freely available encryption software

Q? : Who is the Founder of Wiki Leaks ?
Ans: Julian Assange

Q? : How many nations are members of UNO ?
Ans: 192

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