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Saturday, April 16, 2011


31. Kerala is the first state in India to launch a Pension Scheme for farmers namely :A. Kissan Abhiman B. Farmer's Pension C. Agricultural Pension D. Pension to Agricultural Labourer


32. According to 2001 census, the state having highest urban population is :
A. Tamil Nadu B. Kerala C. Maharashtra D. Uttar Pradesh
33.The district in Kerala which has got the highest density of popular as per 2001 census:
A. Ernakulam B. Alappuzha C. Thrissur D. Idukki
34. The Union Territory in India with the highest population :
A. Puducherry B. Delhi C. Chandigarh D. Daman and Diu
35. IRDP means :
A. Indian Rural Development Programme B. Indian Regional Development Programme
C. Integrated Rural Development Programme
D. International Rural Development Project
36. Third World Countries are :
A. Developed countries B. Developing countries C. African countries D. None of these
37. The definition of the "Urban Poor" according to the Planning Commission in India in terms of the colorie intake with respect to daily consumption is :
A. less than 2100 calories B. less than 2000 calories C. less than 2200 calories
D. None of these
38. The fraction of all families (or all individuals) that fall below the poverty line is called :
A. Poverty rate B. Absolute poverty C. Relative poverty D. None of These
39. Economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need is:
A. Human Development B. Economic progress C. Sustainable development
D. Static development
40. The state where the largest number of people living below the poverty line is found in India
A. Rajasthan B. Delhi C. Madhya Pradesh D. Bihar

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