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Friday, June 24, 2011

Questions asked for various Assistant Exams

Q? : ‘‘Self respect is a most vital factor in life. Without it man is a mere cipher. Who said this [Q: Postal Assistant 2006]
Answer: B.R. Ambedkar

Q? : Widely cultivated tuber crop of Kerala is [ Q: AGRICULTURE ASSISTANT GRADE II 2005 ]
Answer: Dioscorea

Q? : Who was the Congress President when India attained Independence ? [ JUNIOR LAB ASSISTANT EXAM ]
Answer: J.B. Kripalani

Q? : Who gave the title ‘‘Mahatma’’ to Gandhiji [ Q: AGRICULTURE ASSISTANT GRADE II 2005 ]
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

Q? : Who among the following is given the credit of establishing the modern postal system in India? [Q: Postal Assistant 2006]
Answer: Lord Clive

Q? : Which was the first political occassion when ‘Vande Mataram’ was sung [Q: Postal Assistant 2006]
Answer: 1896 session of the INC

Q? : Which is the last formed district of Kerala [Q: secretariat Assistant 2007]
Answer: Kasargod

Q? : Which Indian city is called the Silicon valley of India [ Q: LAB Assistant ( HSE )]
Answer: Bangalore

Q? : Which among the following mountain peaks is the highest? [Q: Postal Assistant 2006]
Answer: Kanchenjunga

Q? : What is cytology [ Q: AGRICULTURE ASSISTANT GRADE II 2005 ]
Answer: The study of cell

Q? : What is a group of owls called [Q: Postal Assistant 2006]
Answer: A parliament of

Q? : The tenure of a Rajya Sabha Member is [ Junior Assistant 2009 ]
Answer: 6 Years

Q? : The signature on the one rupee currency notes in India belongs to [ Q: LAB Assistant ( HSE )]
Answer: Secretary , Ministry of Finance

Answer: Rigveda

Q? : The Odakuzhal Award is given in the memory of : [ Junior Assistant 2009 ]
Answer: G. Sankarakurup

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