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Friday, January 4, 2008

TRADE INSTRUCTOR GRADE – II (Information Technology) – Solved Question Paper

PSC Solved Paper.

1. _________ is a powder used in laser printers to form the images on a paper.


2. Worms and Trojan Horses are examples of:


3. ___________ Printers work by selectively heating regions of special heat-sensitive paper.


4.The ISI mark is given by:


5. The laser printer was invented at:


6. ________ Is a network of the national standards institutes of 157 countries.


7. A flaw in a system whereby the output is unexpectedly dependent on the sequence or timing of other events is called a:

Race condition

8. A 56k modem can transfer data at up to bits per second over the phone line.


9. The original implementation of the C programming language was standardized by :


10. ________Is a signaling method that handles a relatively wide range of frequencies.


11. The port number used by SMTP is:


13. A packet filter is a type of


14. The TTL field is inside the


15. Which among the following utilities can detect a bad sector?


16. In 100BASE-T, 'T' stands for:

Twisted pair

17. A head crash is said to occur when the read-write head of a hard disk drive:

Touches the magnetic media

18. Category 5 cable includes ---twisted pairs in a single cable jacket.


19. The port number used by the HTTP protocol is


20. In PowerPoint presentations, individual pages are called:


21. Power-on-self-test is built into the:


22. PowerPoint can embed content from other applications through:


23. The latest release of Microsoft Windows is called:


24. GRUB is an:

Boot loader

25. __________Is a family of programmable interrupt controller chips.


26.card allows television signals to be received by a computer.

TV tuner

27. ________Is an IEEE 1394 implementation.

Fire Wire

28 'Windows protection error' messages may result from:

Damage to the system registry

29 Sound Blaster line of audio cards were made by :

Creative Technology Ltd.

31 Indiscriminate sending of unsolicited bulk messages is known as :


32 The 'blue screen of death' may occur due to:

All the above

33 FAT manages files in contiguous groups of sectors called:


34 The utility which can be used to clean the windows registry is:


35. An ethernet address has a size of bits.


36. Ultra Wide SCSI had a throughput of: (A) 10 MB/s

40 MB/s

37. A dual-core processor has L1 cache.


38. A 32-bit wide FSB with a frequency of 100 MHz that performs 4 transfers/tick has a maximum bandwidth of :


39. Backside bus is typically used to' connect the CPU to :

, '


40. Port 110 is used by _______


41. A file extension .ogg indicates an ______format

Audio codec

42. Kerberos ts a__________protocol.

Network authentication

43. Athlon series of processors are made by:


44. Which among the following is a real-time operating system?


45. The internet top level domain .cn refers to :


46. Intel 9xx series of chipsets are meant to connect using:


47. _____________ Is a protocol used by networked computers (clients) to obtain IP addresses and other parameters from a server.


48. is the brand name for 64-bit Intel microprocessors with IA-64 architecture.


49. is an organization which develops internet standards through RFCs.


50. The ability to replace components of a computer, while it is operating, is called:

Hot swapping

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