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Friday, February 15, 2008

Post Answers to this Question From Electronics

  1. Which of the following has highest conductivity?

a) Silver b) Aluminum c) tungsten d) Platinum

  1. At room temperature barrier potential in a silicon diode is

a) 0.1 V b) 0.3V c) 0.7V d) 1V

  1. In which mode of BJT operation are both junctions reverse biased

a) active b) saturation c) cut-off d) reverse active

  1. The sensitivity of human eyes is maximum at

a) white portion of spectrum b) green portion of spectrum

c) red portion of spectrum d) violet portion of spectrum

  1. Which quantity controls the effectiveness of LED in emitting light

a) applied voltage b) current c) extent of doping d) temperature

  1. The abbreviation EMG stands for ____________________
  2. The number of bits in a nibble is

a) 8 b) 4 c) 16 d) 32

  1. The frequency spectrum of FM radio broadcasting is

a) 565 KHz – 1605 Khz b) 88 MHz – 108 MHz

c) 3 GHz – 30 GHz d) None of the above

  1. Which of the following is an OP-AMP IC

a) BC107 b) 74LS00 c) mA 741C d) AE137

  1. Which of the following medium has highest bandwidth

a) Twisted pair b) optical fiber cable c) coaxial cable

d) copper strip

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