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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fascinating Facts about Birds

Hi all

Come to answer the following questions about the Feathered Friends

1. Known as a companion to sailors, it is believed that killing this bird brings bad luck. Its eggs take the longest to hatch-----------------------
2. A colourful bird with a curved beak which it uses to eat fruits and seeds and crack nuts. it is noisy and lives mostly in tropical rain forests.---------------
3. The ----------of Australia is the best swimmer amongst all land birds.
4.The -----------lays the largest egg, almost as big as a football.
5. Name the short-winged seabird resembles a penguin.
6. Name the bird flaps its wings a hundred times per second.
7. Most birds have eyes that look out to the sides. but the ----------looks straight like a human being.
Please post your answers as comments
Questions posted by qblp research team.

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