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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GK Questions Asked in Lower Division Clerk Exams II

50. 1998 World Cup Football tournament was held at
A: France
51. Which state in India touches the boundaries of the largest number of other states
A: Uttar Pradesh
52. World AIDS day is observed on
A: December 1
53. “Arjuna “ award is associated with
A: Sports and Games
54. The first Indira Gandhi Award for “International Justice and Harmony” was given to
A: Nelson Mandela
55. In 1993 an earthquake claimeda large number of lives in Lathur. In which state Lathur located
A: Maharashtra
56. The Rourkela Steel plant in Orissa was built with the collaboration of
A: Germany
57. Television was started in India in the Year
A: 1959
58. The Journalist who refused to accept “ Padmabhushan”
A: Nikhil Chakravarthy
59. Where is the National Environment Engineering Research Institute located ?
A: Nagpur
60. In democracy the Sovereignty or the superior power lies in the hands of
A: The People
61. Capital of Bulgaria
A: Sofia
62. The first University in India was started at
A: Kolkatta
63. National Science Day is observed on 28, Feb to commemorate
A: The day of declaration of Raman Effect
64. Who said “There is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim, only a man “ ?
A: Swami Vivekananda
65. Which is known as the land of white elephants?
A: Thailand
66. The Scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun
A: Copernicus
67. The International Court of Justice is located at
A: Hague
68. The character “ Soorya namputhirippad “ was created by
A: O. Chandu Menon
69. E.C.G is an instrument used in the study of
A: Heart
70. Richter Scale is used for measuring the intensity of
A: Magnitude of Earthquake
71. Which dance form is popularly known as “Poetry in motion”?
A: Bharatnatyam
72. R.K Laxman is associated with
A: Cartoon
73. Ecology is a branch of science which deals with
A: Balance of nature
74. The author of “Panchathantra” was
A: Vishnu Sharma
75. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was started by
A: Rajiv Gandhi
76. The district in which Central Root Research Institute is situated
A: Thiruvananthapuram
77. Railway service was introduced in India by
A: Lord Dalhousie
78. The name of Nehru’s family house at Allahabad is
A: Ananda bhavan
79. Sabdatharavali, the Malayalam dictionary was compiled by
A: Sreekanteswaram Padmanabha Pillai
80. The oldest Dravidian language
A: Tamil
81. Who said “There is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim, only a man “ ? ( Repeated )
A: Swami Vivekananda
82. Rainbow is caused due t o
A: Refraction and Dispersion
83. English education was introduced in India by
A: Macaulay
84. The largest planet orbiting the Sun is
A: Jupiter
85. The integration of Travancore and Cochin states was in the year
A: 1949
86. The currency of Bangladesh is
A: Taka
87. Expansion of LPG
A: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
88. The first month of India’s National Calendar is
A: Chaitra
89. Santhosh Trophy is associated with
A: Football
90. Southernmost state of India is
A: Tamilnadu
91. East India Company was formed in the year
A: 1600
92. Leaves are green due to the presence of
A: Chlorophyll
93. The canal that joins the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean is
A: Panama Canal
94. The present name of Persia
A: Iran
95. The world famous painting ‘Mono Lisa ‘ was painted by
A; Leonardo da Vinci
96. Idukki Dam is built in the river
A: Periyar
97. The King of England who signed “Magna Carta “ was
A: King John
98. The ruler who introduced public transport system in Travancore?
A: C.P Ramaswami Iyer
99. Who is the author of the book “ My experiment with Truth”?
A: M.K Gandhi
100. Who first uttered the slogan “ Inquilab Zindabad”
A: Bhagat Singh

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