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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GK Questions Asked in Lower Division Clerk Exams

1. In Which district is the Malampuzha gardens?
A: Palakkad
2. Where is the Swiss Project for Cattle development in Kerala Situated ?
A: Mattupetti
3. Who is the journalist associated with “Kesari”?
A: Balakrishna Pillai
4. The law by which people are asked to submit to government accounts of dealings in foreign currency is
5. The konkan railway has been constructed between
A: Mangalore and Roha (760 km )
6. The part of a computer which receives the information supplied is
A: Input Unit
7. The name given to instrument sent to Mars , in 1997, for investigations
A: Sojourner
8. Which of the following gives the percent of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere
A: 0.03%
9. Whose name is associated with the Theory of Evolution?
A: Charles Darwin
10. The Paris Commune took place in
A: 1871
11. The Scientist who arranged elements according to their increasing atomic weight
A: Mendeleev
12. Which of the metropolitan cities of India is nearest to the equator?
A: Chennai
13. The person who is said to be the “ Iron man “ of India is
A: Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel
14. The person who occupied the post of the President of India for two sessions continuously was
A: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
15. Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with
A: Brain
16. The food item that provides energy for growth is
A: Carbohydrates
17. The scientist who gave laws of heredity for the first time was
A: Mendel
18. What is the physical basis of inheritance of characters in animals
A: Genes
19. Which of the following is an excretory organ
A: Kidney
20. Which is a disease caused by disorder or the respiratory system?
A: Pneumonia
21. With which crop is the name “Jaya” associated
A: Rice
22. Who was the agricultural scientist who gave leadership to the “ Green Revolution”?
A: Dr. M.S Swaminathan
23. To which of the following is the term “Operation flood “ associated?
A: Effort for increasing production of milk
24. Where is the Central Rice Research Institute situated?
A: Pattambi
25. The fungus that produces alcohol is
A: Yeast
26. The structure of DNA was discovered by
A: Watson and Crick
27. Out of which part of a plant does its seed originate?
A: Ovary
28. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D?
A: Rickets
29. The name given to pollination by the agency of water is
A: Hydrophily
30. Normally hen’s eggs hatch in
A: 21 days
31. Where is the veterinary college in kerala situated
A: Mannuthi
32. The gas produced by partial combustion of fuels is
A: Carbon monoxide
33. Transportation of food in plants takes place through
A: Phloem
34. Which plant does brown hopper affect most?
A: Rice
35. The secretion of the liver is
A: Bile
36. The organ that regulates body temperature in human body is
A: Skin
37. What disease is caused by intake of saturated fats?
A: Cardiac problems
38. Which is the longest bone in human body?
A: Femur
39. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of vitamin B?
A: Beriberi
40. The name given to a disease of the eye, caused by increased tension with in eyeball is
A: Glaucoma

41. India became a Sovereign democratic republic on
A: Jan 26, 1950
42. Secularism envisages
A: Equal status of all regions
43. The election commissioner can be removed by
A: The Parliament
44. December is observed as
A: Human Rights Day
45. The last Viceroy of India was
A: Lord Mountbatten
46. The first effective vaccine against Polio was prepared by
A: Jonas E Salk
47. Name the country other than India whose independence day falls on 15th August
A: South Korea
48. The partition of Bengal was carried out under the rule of
A: Lord Curzon
49. The first Malayalam cinema actor who received Bharat Award
A: P.J Antony ( Film : Nirmalyam)

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saju said...

check question no.44 decenber is observed as

deepa said...

question 44 should be..." december 10 is observed as..". right?

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