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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Solved Question paper of SPECIAL BRANCH ASSISTANT - S.B.C.I.D - CATNO - 347-12 Held on 26/10/2013 : General English Answer Key Published

General English Solved Paper

Q . Use the correct phrase :
Every citizen should abide ________ the laws of the State.
Ans : by

Q. Change the sentence in to passive voice :
Prepare yourself for the best!
Ans : Be prepared for the best

Q. Change into indirect speech : He said : " Please, let me go "
Ans: He requested them to let him go 

Q. Fill in the blank with the correct expression : Manufactures often sacrifice quality ____
Ans : for a large profit margin

Q. Which part of the sentence is not correct ?
Ans : There was  ( A) 

Q. Use the correct article : _____ airport building where journey begin and end is a terminal
Ans : the

Q.Which is the opposite word of postponed
Ans: Advanced

Q. The sun _____ in the East
Ans: rises

Q. Choose the suitable one word for the underlined word:Ravi Varma was a well known Indian painter .Ans: Celebrated

Q.Which is the right spelling ?
Ans: Superintendent 

Solved paper Indian Constitution

The answer keys posted here are not the final .. only likely answers are given .. the final answer key will be published soon by kerala psc.


Faisal qblpindia said...

Pls have a discussion on it .. any English scholars here in our group
what is the opposite word of postponed

vishnu s said...

its advanced

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