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Thursday, October 24, 2013

General English : SB CID Police : Model Questions

8. General English
Grammar- Agreement of Subject and Verb- Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs- Comparison of Adjectives- Correct usage of Articles- Prepositions- Direct and Indirect Speech- Active and Passive Voice- Correction in Sentences-Etc Vocabulary- Gender- Singular and Plural- Synonyms- Antonyms- One word Substitutes- Problem concerning words- Idioms and their meanings-Etc

Active and Passive voice

I gave him a book for his birthday
Someone sent her a cheque for a thousand euros
They called off the meeting.
His grandmother looked after him
They will send him away to school.

He was given a book for his birthday.
She was sent a cheque for a thousand euros.
The meeting was called off.
He was looked after by his grandmother.
He will be sent away to school.

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Rewrite the following in the Reported Speech.
1. He said, “I have eaten my lunch.”
2. She said, “I am doing a degree at the university”
3. The teacher said to the class, “Pay attention.”
4. My mother said to me, “Buy some bananas forme.”
5. My father said to me, “Don’t waste your money.”
6. She said to me, “Where is the hospital?.”
7. My friend said to me. “Don’t be late tomorrow.”
8. He asked me, “When will the train arrive?”
9. His teacher said to him, “Try to do it by yourself.”
10. She asked me, “What are your favorite online games?”

1. He said that he had eaten his lunch.
2. She said that she was doing a degree at the
3. The teacher told the class to pay attention.
4. My mother told/asked me to buy some bananas.
5. My father told me not to waste my money. .
6. She asked me where the hospital is.
7. My friend asked me not to be late tomorrow.
8. He asked me when the train will arrive.
9. His teacher told him to try to do it by himself. .
10. She asked me what my favorite online games are

Fill each blank with ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ or leave it blank.
1. He left _____ home without informing anyone.
2. There is _____ box of sweets on _____ table.
3. Do you need _____ degree in Economics or____ degree in finance to be a better manager?
4. When we arrived, she went straight to _____kitchen and started to prepare ___ meal for us.
5. He has _____ cut on his leg and _____ bruiseon _____ chin.
6. Mt. Everest is _____ highest mountain in_____ world.
7. Switch off _____ air-conditioner please. I have_____ cold.
8. We reached _____ top of _____ hill during
_____ afternoon.
9. Do you like _____ weather here? Isn’t it toohot during _____ day but it is very cold atnight?
10. _____ attempt has been made to collect fundsto start _____ public library in _____ townwhere I live

1.–– 2.a, the 3.a,a 4.the,a 5.a, a, the6.the,the7.the,a 8.the,a, the 9.the,the,, a, the

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