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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

M S OFFICE & Computer Fundamentals : Kerala PSC Accounts Manager Examination

M S OFFICE & Computer Fundamentals

Briefly explaining and familiarizing the following system devices.
• Computer System, CPU, ALU
• Different types of Memory - RAM, Static RAM, Dynamic RAM -ROM (PROM, EPROM,
• Secondary Storage Devices - Floppy, Zip Disk, Hard disk, Optical drsk (CD,DVD, Blue Ray), Pen Drive.
• Input Output devices:
Description about standard Input devices (keyboard & Mouse) - Pointing devices (joystick, touch pad, touch screen, track ball, light pen) - Scanner - Character recognition devices (OMR, MICR, OCR, BCR).
• Soft copy devices (CRT, LCD).
• Hard copy devices - Printers, types of Printers (Impact, Non-Impact, Plotters).
• Fax , Photostat,Franking machine.
Operating System:-
MS-DOS - Booting and its types - DOS Prompt.
Internal commands - DIR and its switches, cls, date, time, vol, copy, con, type, ren, del, wildcard characters, prompt, md, cd, rd, path .
External commands - label, mem, chkdsk, scandisk, more, xcopy and its switches, attrib and switches, format, batch files.
Microsoft Windows
Windows screen elements (desktop, icon, task bar, My Computer, Recycle bin) -Creating shortcuts and icon management - Managing multiple windows - windows explorer - creating folders - copy and move files and folders - save in different locations- search files and folders - deleting files - use quick launch - keyboard commands - scandisk - defragment Word Pad - Paint - Install applications from a CD with an install program - switch off the computer.

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