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Monday, March 19, 2012

Computer Science Question Bank

Q? : _______ is a powder used in laser printers to form the images on a paper [ computer gk ]
Answer: toner

Q? : Worms and Trojan Horses are examples of : [ computer gk ]
Answer: malware

Q? : Who is the father of computer Science -01
Answer: Alen Turing

Q? : Who invented the Computer [ PSC Computer GK ]

Q? : Who invented Super Computer?
Answer: J.H Van Tassel

Q? : Which of the following is first generation of computer :
Answer: EDSAC

Q? : Which command lists files in MS-DOS ? [ Computer , Quiz ]
Answer: dir

Q? : Which award is known as 'Nobel Prize ' in Computer Science - 01
Answer: Turing Award

Q? : What is the internet TLD of France [ Computer GK Internet ]]
Answer: .fr

Q? : What is the capacity of a standard PC floppy ? [ Computer , Quiz ]
Answer: 1.44 MB

Q? : What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called ? - 01
Answer: IP Address

Q? : What does PHP stands for [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
Answer: Hypertext Preprocessor

Q? : What does Google means [ Computer GK ]
Answer: 1 followed by 100 zeros

Q? : What does FTP stands for ? [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
Answer: File Transfer Protocol

Q? : What does ADSL stands for ? [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
Answer: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

Q? : URL stands for : [ Computer Quiz ]
Answer: Uniform Resource Locator

Q? : UNIVAC is -4
Answer: Universal Automatic Computer 

Q? : This type of memory would not lose its data when the computer lost power thus ensuring BIOS programs would always be available. What type of memory is referring here? 01
Answer: ROM

Q? : The utility which can be used to clean the windows registry is: [ Computer GK ]
Answer: Regedit

Q? : The utility which can be used to clean the windows registry is : [ computer gk ]
Answer: regedit

These questions are dedicated to our blog reader Neha from jaipur

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