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Thursday, March 1, 2012

General Knowledge 2011 -2012

Q? : World's Least Developed Countries Summit was held in May 2011 in - -3
Answer: Istanbul

Q? : Who won 2011 Booker Prize ?
Answer: Julian Barnes

Q? : Who wins 2011 Nobel in literature ?
Answer: Tomas Transtromer

Q? : Who is the Governor of Kerala : [ Current Affairs Kerala : 2011]
Answer: M O H Farook 

Q? : Who is present President of South Africa? (2011)-3
Answer: Zacob Zuma 

Q? : Who is Gabriella Pasqualotto [ Current Affairs 2011 ]
Answer: IPL Cheer Leader

Q? : Who got Vriksha Bandhu award from former President A P J Abdul Kalam ? [ current affairs 2011 ]
Answer: Benoy Viswom

Q? : Who emerged as the top wicket taker in the Cricket World Cup 2011? -3
Answer: Both Zaheer and Afridi 

Q? : Who among the following will host 5th CISM World Military games 2011? -3
Answer: Brazil 

Q? : Who among the following is the present Chairman of Infosys soft ware company? (2011) -3
Answer: N.Narayana Murthy 

Q? : The winner of Wimbledon 2011 Women's Singles title is---3
Answer: Petra Kvitova

Q? : The winner of Snooker World Championship 2011 is --3
Answer: John Higgins

Q? : The plural of the word 'crisis' is [ LDC 2011 THRISSUR ENGLISH]
Answer: crises

Q? : The Nobel Peace Prize 2011 Winner Tawakkol Karman belongs to - 01
Answer: Yemen

Q? : The continent known as " Earth's Cold Storage " : ? [ LDC 2011 Thrissur ]
Answer: Antartica

Q? : The code name given to India's first atomic explosion at Pokran in 1974 is : [ KPSC Assistant Salesman 2011 ]
Answer: Buddhan Chirikkunnu

Q? : The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded "for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae" - 01
Answer: Saul Perlmutter 

Q? : The 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to - 01
Answer: Dan Shechtman

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