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Sunday, October 27, 2013

PSC Exam : IT & Cyber law : What is a super computer ? Lesson2

What is a super computer ?
A supercomputer is a computer at the frontline of contemporary processing capacity – particularly speed of calculation. A super computer works on the principle ' Parallel processing ' .
Supercomputers play an important role in the field of computational science, and are used for a wide range of computationally intensive tasks in various fields, including quantum mechanics, weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration, molecular modeling (computing the structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers, and crystals), and physical simulations (such as simulations of the early moments of the universe, airplane and spacecraft aerodynamics, the detonation of nuclear weapons, and nuclear fusion). Throughout their history, they have been essential in the field of counter-cryptography.

Points to be remembered
Fastet Super Computer :As of June 2013,China's Tianhe-2 is the fastest Speed : 33.86 petaFLOPS 
Father of Super Computer : Seymour Cray
Father of Indian Super computer  : Vijay P Bhatkar
India's new super computer : Param Yuva II

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