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Thursday, July 16, 2009

PSC Exam 4 Pharmacist : Previous Question Paper : 2008

PSC Exam 4 Pharmacist : Previous Question Paper : 2008

1. The alkaloid with anticancer property is :
2. Lead acetate test is positive with
3. Vitamin C is present in
4. Keller – Killani test is to identify
5. Which of the following is a saturated fatty acied?
6. A non reducing sugar is
7. Conversion of glucose to pyruvic acid takes place in
8. RNA synthesis on DNA template is known as
9. All are Ketone bodies except
10. HMG-COA reductase enzyme is involved in
11. Which of the following is known as protein factories?
12. An example for heterocrine gland is
13. The joint between axis and atlas vertebrae in the neck is called
14. Which of the following blood cell is involved in clotting mechanism?
15. A hereditary blood disorder is
16. In electrocardiogram T Wave represents
17. Which of the following cardiac disease is associated with bacterial infection?
18. Amount of air received by lungs during normal breathing at rest
19. Excretory unit of kidney is
20. Isotopes are atoms of an element which have
21. The radio pharmaceutical used for treatment of poly cythemia vera is
22. The radio opaque contrast media used for X-ray examination of gastro intestinal tract is
23. Anti oxidant used in the formation of Anti-rust tablets is
24. Which of the following vitamins is not used for proper teeth formulation?
25. Oxidative Anti microbial agent is
26. Which of the following antacid use is associated with the problem of milk alkali syndrome?
27. All are expectorants except
28. The Latin term for ‘four times a day ‘ is
29. One pint is equivalent to
30. Isotonicity is required for all except
31. The dose for a baby of 9 months , if the adult dose of a drug is 25mg
32. Which is the correct statement?
33. Antioxidant used during storage of emulsion is
34. Pessaries are
35. The dye used in leakage test is
36. Which is not used in the preparation of ointment base for eye ointment/
37. Idiosyncrasy is
38. ‘Pharmacodynamics’ is the study of
39. A miotic used in glaucoma is
40. A bactericidal antibiotic is
41. Streptomycin was discovered by
42. Antidote for poisoning with organophosphorus insecticide is
43. The hormone effective in bronchial asthma is
44. The drug used for radical cure in plasmodium vivax malaria is
45. Oxytocin is mainly used
46. Drug of choice to treat febrile convulsion in a child is
47. Enalapril causes the side effect
48. Intravenous fursemide is used in
49. Oral contraceptive pill causes all side effects except
50. Chemically phenytoin is
51. 4-aminoquinoline is
52. Envas is the trade name of
53. Which of the following drug is given only by intravenous route?
54. The bottle of which drug should be kept covered with black paper to prevent decomposition by light
55. Which of the following drug has steroid structure?
56. T Lymphocytes are abundant in all sites except
57. The increased number of reticulocyte in blood indicates
58. Urine colour is dirty green or blue in
59. Presence of Bence-Jones proteien in urine indicates
60. Aniline acetate test is positive for
61. The neurotoxic venom is from
62. The universal antidote consists of all except
63. A water borne disease caused by leptospira is
64. Category IV tuberculosis is
65. Immunoglobulin associated with allergic reaction is
66. The population of India as per 2001 census was
67. Pulse protein is deficient in
68. Life period of drug is dealt in
69. Pharmacy council of India is reconstituted every
70. Medical termination of pregnancy act was passed in the year
71. The central drug laboratory is established at
72. Pharmacy council of India is reconstituted every
73. During summer the opening time of shop should not be before
74. Schedule X drug is
75. The maximum number of members in a private limited company is
76. In which of the following business organization , registration is compulsory by law?
77. Induction training is required to
78. The process of transferring debits and credits from journal to ledger account is called
79. A budget is a
80. Which is used for recording sales of goods on credits
81. license required to open a new retail drug store is issued by
82. Methyl alcohol poisoning is treated with
83. 1 mg of the international standard of insulin is equivalent to
84. A teratogenic drug is
85. The drug that causes antabuse like reaction with alcohol is
86. Enteric coated tablets are used
87. Which is not used as an emulsifying agent in ‘oil in water type’ emulsion/
88. The first edition of Indian Pharmacopoeia was published in the year
89. The vaccine that consists of suspension of attenuated living bacteria is
90. Which of the following is used for making containers for paranteral product?
91. Volatile oil from curde drugs is prepared by
92. The disintegration time for most of the tablets is
93. The pore size of the membrane filter required to remove all bacteria is
94. Which of the following equipment is used for drying of biological products like vaccine/
95. An alkaloid drug obtained from fungi is
96. The terpenoid present in peppermint oil is
97. Kaolin consists of
98. Sandal wood is cultivated in
99. Drying oil is
100 All are astringents except

Readers preparing for PSC Exam for Pharmacist / Compounder , pls provide the answers..

Pharmacist / Compounder in the Dept Plantation / State Farming is scheduled to be conducted on 31-07-2009


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