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Saturday, September 24, 2011

"My Stamp " - New Concept in Postal Service

2117 Q? : Which State recently started " My Stamp " in Postal Service
Ans: Kashmir

2116 Q? : A program coded in a computer programming language is____________ [ Bank Computer GK ] 
Ans: Source code

2115 Q? : Jon Von Neumann developed [ SSC Computer GK ]
Ans: Stored-program concept

2114 Q? : The National Chemical Laboratory (India) is located in
Ans: Pune

2113 Q? : Biological pigment, that gives colour to human skin, is called : [ SSC ]
Ans: Melanin

2112 Q? : H1N1 virus causes which of the following diseases ? [ SSC ]
Ans: Swine flue


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