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Monday, February 6, 2012

DCA & PGDCA DBMS Notes & Questions : PSC Computer Science and Applications


Q. The candidate key which identifies the tuples in a relation uniquely is ?
 a) super key 

b) Primary key 
c) Foreign key 
d) none of the above

Q. Back up and restore is preferred for
a) All files and data together 
b) System data areas only
c) Selected file system components 

d) Disk image for recovery

Q. The term bit is short for:
A. megabyte.
B. binary language.
binary digit.
D. binary number.

Q. A string of eight 0s and 1s is called a:
A. megabyte.
C. kilobyte.
D. gigabyte.

Q. What is a 'tuple'?
A. An attribute attached to a record.
B.Another name for a table in an RDBMS.
C. A row or record in a database table.
D. Another name for the key linking different tables in a database
Q. A____________ is approximately one billion bytes.
A. kilobyte
B. bit
C. gigabyte
D. megabyte

Q. The advantages of Standard Query Language (SQL) include which of the following in relation to GIS databases?
A.It is simple and easy to understand.
B.It is good at handling geographical concepts.
C.It is widely used.
D.It uses a pseudo-English style of questioning

Q.The relational database environment has all of the following components except
a. users
b. separate files
c. database
d. query languages
e. database

Q.Database management systems are intended to 
a. eliminate data redundancy
b. establish relationship among records in different files
c. manage file access
d. maintain data integrity
e. all of the above 

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