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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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3427 Q? : Slogan 'Applying Thought' is used by
Ans: Wipro

3426 Q? : Paro is the international airport of which of these countries
Ans: Bhutan

3425 Q? : By which name was Thailand known previously
Ans: Siam

3424 Q? : The distribution of which annual award started on December 10, 1901
Ans: Nobel Prize

3423 Q? : Eiffel Tower is built entirely with which metal
Ans: Iron

3422 Q? : " Do no evil " is the motto of
Ans: Google

3421 Q? : --------------is an organized collection of programs that controls overall operation of a computer
Ans: Operating system

3420 Q? : A compiler translates a program written in high level language to
Ans: Machine Language

3419 Q? : ------------ is a graphical web page editor tool of windows
Ans: Front page

3418 Q? : The process of loading Operating System from the secondary storage on to RAM is known as
Ans: Booting

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