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Sunday, May 27, 2012

KSRTC RESERVE CONDUCTOR ( KLM, KTM, PKD, KNR ) - 26/5/2012 : Answer Key

solved paper of reserve conductor exam on may 26,2012

1.Who is called the builder of indian foreign policy ?

2. The police force formulated to deal with the crime against children and women?
Janamythri police

3. Which of the following associated with Indus - Valley Civilization?
Drainage System

4.Kerala Art form included in the world cultural heritage table by UNESCO ?

5. International organization formulated based on 1995 GATT contract ?
WTO ( World Trade Organization )

6. Saina Nehwal assoicated with ,which sports item ?

7. First private telephone service provider in india?

8. To get the right of " nilapadavakasham " Samuthiri defeated whom ?

9.Organization mavu - mavu associated with

10. Asian Nobel Prize is
Magsaysay Award

11. Who nationalized indian banks the first time?
Indira Gandhi

12.Rourkela Steel Plant situated in

13. Aung San Suu Kyi belongs to

14. Who conceived the idea of Token Currency in india
Muhammad bin Tughluq

15.The name "United Nations", coined by

16. Founder of 'Adwaitha Darshanam'

17. Black gold is

20. Mangal Pande related to
1857 Riot

21. The State Information Commissioner ( CIC ), Kerala
Siby Mathews

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Most likely answers are given if any other answer please post here.
May 26 2012 reserve conductor phase2 solved paper.

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