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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kerala PSC : LDC Exam 2013 : Syllabus and Preparation Tips

Kerala PSC exam notification

Kerala PSC exam notification for LDC  expected in  2013. Start preparation for this exam well before the commencement. Acquire as much as information and go through the previous question papers to understand the examination pattern.

Kerala PSC : LDC Syllabi ( Please See the official website of kerala PSC also ) 

(Note : Medium of questions : Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada)

Maximum marks : – 100 (One mark for each correct answer. There will be negative marking)

Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes)

1. Part I : General Knowledge and Current Affairs – 50 Marks

2. Part II : Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability – 20 Marks

3. Part III: General English -  20 Marks

4. Part IV: Regional Language (Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada) – 10 Marks

LDC KERALA  PSC EXAM Syllabus in detail

Now let us expand each topic mentioned above..

I) General Knowledge and Current Affairs : Topics to cover

1. History
World History
Indian History
Kerala History

2. Geography
Physical Geography
World Geography
Indian Geography

3. Economics

4. Facts about kerala

5. Indian Constitution

6. Science

7. Computers

8. Basic GK
International days
Largest, Biggest, smallest etc…
Countries and capitals, currencies, heads
International organisations, Head Quarters, Heads
Instruments, scales, basic units
Inventions and discovery
Firsts in India
Firsts in kerala
World leaders

9. Awards and Honours

10. Books and authors – Literature

11. Sports

II). Simple Arithmetic and Mental ability

Squares and square roots
Law of exponents
Profit and Loss
Time and work
Ratio and Proportion
Time and distance
Problems on ages
Simple and compound interest
Mental ability

Series completion
Classification – Odd man out
Coding and de-coding
Direction test
Ranking test
Mathematical operations
Blood Relation

III). General English
Synonyms and Antonyms
Use of articles
One word substitutes
Active and Passive voice
Direct and indirect speech
Spelling mistakes
Sentence correction

IV) Regional Language (Malayalam/ Tamil/ Kannada) :

This test is to test your proficiency in regional language

Disclaimer: The above given syllabus is only suggestive in nature, based on past experiences. Candidates are advised to visit for authentic information.


LDC Kerala PSC exam is like a mini-IAS  exam for keralites. The reason is that once a person enters the service as an LDC, he gets a lot of promotion opportunities and reach very high positions.

Also you get the opportunity to reach the following posts


Hence it is a golden opportunity for those aspiring for very high posts and so the competition in LDC Kerala PSC exam is very very high.

But, you need not worry. Lakhs of people may apply for the post. But out of these not all are serious in their studies or we can say they lack the determination.They don’t prepare regularly. They think of exam only after getting hallticket.

Do you have the determination and will to succeed in the LDC Kerala PSC exam If yes then start preparing now itself. Monitor your progress daily.


Let me make clear one thing. The preparation strategy is different for different people. It depends on your strength and weaknesses. So know your strength and weaknesses. If possible join a good coaching class . Should I join? It is not mandatory. But then you should be so determinant, so regular, know your strength and weaknesses, remain focussed, constantly test yourself on your own. Coaching classes help you to remain focussed and the regular tests conducted by them will increase your competitive spirit.

Maths and mental ability for LDC Kerala PSC exam : One thing I would like to advise is that practise a lot in maths and mental ability section. In this section you should be able to score full marks that is 20 marks. If you practise well then these are sure shot marks. You should improve your speed.Keep a small formulae book and revise often. Learn maths shortcuts to arrive at answer quickly.

English for LDC Kerala PSC exam : Next you should focus on english too where you can score well if you become thorough in topic like identifying the mistakes, incorrect sentences, grammar portions etc.  Solve as many such questions as possible from previous question papers or model papers.You will become confident in english portion by practising this way. Also find out the rules in grammar and practise.

We cannot prepare 100% in idioms, antonyms, synonyms of one word. But try to cover as much as possible. Other grammar portions are easily scorable.

VERY IMPORTANT: Try to find out what are the common mistakes or wrong usage made in english and PSC asks such questions only. Focus on that and you will score more

The General Knowledge and General Awareness for LDC Kerala PSC exam  . This section is vast. Hence you have to put in intelligent effort. Write down the topics which come under GK section and then systematically cover those topics. Test yourself often and try to find out where you stand.

For General Knowlege section you should go for any standard guide and magazines like Thozhilvaratha , Thozhiveedi etc…For general awareness section is a good website, which gives lots of objective questions and current affairs.You should make your own memory codes, tricks etc.. Our website is for helping you in making such tricks and so we willl be updating the tricks, tips, shortcuts as far as possible.

Revise a lot : There is no alternate to revision. Study well and revise, revise, revise. Dont just cover the syllabus for the sake of covering. Revise as many number of times and make sure that you know the topic in and out.

Solve a lot of old question papers and model papers for LDC Kerala PSC exam It is not enough if you just learn, learn and learn. You have to test your self and only then you will know your progress. You should compete with yourself. You should better your performance daily.

Find time for physical activity and meditation : You should always allot a few minutes for physical activities like walking, playing or yoga etc..  Only then your mind will be alert. Moreover practising meditation daily for a few minutes will help you a lot.  It will remove worries and help to stay calm and improve concentration, focus etc…

Health : Take care of your health especially your eyes. Dont over strain. You should give rest to them. While revising close your eyes. Also after every hour give 5 to 10 minutes break.

Drink a lot of water: Our brain needs a lot of oxygen while studying and the best way to give it oxygen is by drinking a lot of water. Keep a bottle full of water near you always.

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