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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Postal Assistant Solved Questions 2008 : Republished

Postal Assistant Solved Questions 2008

Part 1 - English ( Consists of 10 Questions )

1.To arrange things in groups or in a particular order according to their type
a) depoist b) sort c) derive d) detail

2. To help somebody to do something
a) assist b) assess c) accomplish d) accord

3. Each of the metal bars that form the track that trains run on
a) coach b) railing c)rail d) bogie

4. A system in a organization in which people are organized into different levels of importance from highest to lowest
a) structure b) profie c) hierarchy d) matrix

5. A typical example of pattern of something
a) paradox b) paradigm c) exception d) excerpt

6. A lively and confident person who enjoys being with other people
a) introvert b) extrovert c) geriatrician d) flatterer

7. Letters for conveyance by post
a) mail b) male c) maile d) melee

8. A long leaf of a palm
a) leaflet b) fern c) frond d) pendant

9. To stamp a mark on an envelope to show that the cost of posting it has been paid
a) post b) frank c)tax d) franc

10.A person that money or a cheque is paid to
a) payer b) paye c) remit d) payee

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rajdeep sharma said...

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