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Monday, August 3, 2009

My Government Job: An Ordeal

My Government Job: An Ordeal

Here I like to share my experiences with Blog readers to achieve a govt job. I think it can help you a lot to achieve a govt job that you deserve. After a long three years of great patience and struggling I got a govt job. Struggling days behind, painful those days with vacancy collection, sending mails and using Right to information acts what an experience. Journey from Calicut to Trivandrum very often to enquire about vacancy position, waiting at the backyard of politicians. No I can’t forget those days. Finally I received what I deserved; no one can deny what one we deserve.

1. The essentiality of formation of Rank holder’s Forum:

From my experiences, it is very essential to setup a rank holder’s forum at the very beginning to coordinate the activities and speed up the appointment. In our case we formed a forum at the very beginning, but many of the members were inactive and selfish. Limited numbers worked sincerely throughout that benefited others also.
So it is very important to avoid any sort of selfishness, the apt word here is “ Nishkama karmam “ means work without expecting any benefit.

2. Vacancy Collection: An unavoidable step to get a govt job

Some times PSC notification for a post the number of vacancies is uncertain or not clearly furnished. Such cases it is very essential to find out the places where the vacancies exist. Make sure our participation in gathering the vacancy reports from the concerned authorities.

3. Right to Information Act: A great relief to candidates

We felt public information act is a great relief in several times in various occasions. As you it needs one white paper and court fee stamp of Rs 10/- . if you need any help regarding information act leave a comment here or drop a mail at

4. Appointment Authority: Reporting the vacancies to PSC

Soon after the collection of vacancy is over don’t hesitate to approach the appointment authority to report the same to Public Service Commission. If they are not ready to report it you can make use of information act once again and finally approach the court to get a verdict. In our case it s really happened.

5. Information Act: Appellate Authority

In each govt office there is a public information officer to serve the public with the information. Once we are not getting any reply from the Information officer with in a stipulated period of time we can approach the appeal authority to get the information we require.

In our case we passed through all these above mentioned steps but due to lack of experience we lost a great amount of time and service. It will not happen in your case. That s why I find time for this post to share my experience.

Best wishes
Good Luck

Thanks for your comment in advance.


nabacker said...

congrats: gulf moham vittthu nallathinayi theernnu.i lost ur cell no would u sms mine s 9495501363

nabacker said...

congrats,gulf moham vittathu nallathinayi.lost ur cell no. would u sms,mine is 9495501363

FUAD M said...

kollam congrats at last you caught your dream, now start to do some your other palns

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