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Monday, August 1, 2011

Important Notes on Software Engineering : HSST Exam

Q. Define Software Engineering

The establishment and use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economically software that is reliable and works efficiently on real machines.

Q. Differentiate Software engineering methods, tools and procedures.
Methods: Broad array of tasks like project planning, cost estimation etc..
Tools: Automated or semi automated support for methods.
Procedures : Holds the methods and tools together. It enables the timely development of computer software.

Q. Write the disadvantages of classic life cycle model.
Disadvantages of classic life cycle model :
(i) Real projects rarely follow sequential flow. Iteration always occurs and creates problem.
(ii) Difficult for the customer to state all requirements
(iii) Working version of the program is not available. So the customer must have patience.

Q. What do you mean by task set in spiral Model?
Each of the regions in the spiral model is populated by a set of work tasks called a task set that are adopted to the characteristics of the project to be undertaken.

Q. Write a short note on 4GT.
Fourth Generation Technique. 4GT encompasses a broad array of software tools. Each tool enables the software developer to specify some characteristics of software at a higher level.

Q. What is LOC ? How it is used for project estimation?
LOC : Lines of Code. It is used as estimation variable to size each element of the software. It requires considerable level of detail..

Q. Write the formula to calculate the effort in persons-months used in Dynamic multi variable Model?
Software Equation :E=[LOC * B0.333/P]3 *(1/t4) Where E is effort in person-months, t is project duration, B is special skills factor, P is productivity parameter.

Q. What are the two project scheduling methods ?
PERT- Program Evaluation and Review Techniques
CPM- Critical Path Method

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