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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kerala PSC Model Questions and Answer asked for various examinations

293 Q? : Father of english poetry
Ans: Geoffrey chaucer

3292 Q? : Which company makes blackberry phones ?
Ans: Research in Motion

3291 Q? : Eugenics is the study of
Ans: Altering human beings by changing their genetic components

3290 Q? : Which instrument is used for measuring pressure of liquid and gases
Ans: Manometer

3289 Q? : Who has been awarded ICC Test Player of the year Award for 2010
Ans: Virender Sehwag

3288 Q? : Entomology is the science that studies
Ans: Insects

3287 Q? : PH value of water
Ans: 7

3286 Q? : Currency of Russia?
Ans: Ruble

3285 Q? : Vallathol prize includes prize money of?
Ans: Rs 1,11,111

3284 Q? : . Study of birds is called?
Ans: Ornithology

3283 Q? : Panchayat Raj was started in India in?
Ans: 1959

3282 Q? : The India Gate, the national monument of India located in?
Ans: New Delhi.

3281 Q? : India’s first mission to the Moon “Chandrayan-1” was launched on?
Ans: October 22, 2008.

3280 Q? : Terrorists from Pakistan attacked Mumbai on?
Ans: November 26, 2008.

3279 Q? : First Malayalam Movie?
Ans: Vigathakumaran

3278 Q? : At the end of a banquet 10 people shake hands with each other. How many handshakes will there be in total?
Ans: 45

3277 Q? : Which number should come next in this series? 3,5,8,13,21,?
Ans: 33

3276 Q? : Which number should come next in this series? 25,24,22,19,15 ,?
Ans: 10

3275 Q? : Which Asian city was formerly known as ‘Batavia’ ?
Ans: Jakarta (Indonesia)

3274 Q? : Which ancient Indian sage authored the ‘Yog Darshan’ ?
Ans: Patanjali

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