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Monday, December 24, 2012

118/2012 Solved PSC Question : Housing Board Assistant : IT Questions : 2012

1. The digital security system that uses some unique characteristic of human biology to identify authorized users:
(A) Biometrics  (B) PIN Number  (C)Encryption  (D)Password

2. An artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user accepts it as a real environment.
(A) Virtual Reality (B)Digital Reality (C)Dream  (D)Artificial Reality

3. Unwanted bulk messaging into email inbox is known as
(A) Surfing   (B) Browsing (C)Spamming  (D)Editing

4. The practice and study of techniques for secure data communication in the presence of third parties:
(A) Folding  (B) Cryptography (C)Hiding  (D)Phishing

5.The process of discovering new pattern from large data sets :
(A) Data warehousing (B) Data Mining (C) Querying   (D) Searching

6.The part of a computer which is equivalent to human brain :
(A) Input Unit (B) Output Unit (C) Central processing Unit   (D) Storage Unit

7.Which of the following is not a search engine :
(A) Tally (B) Google (C) Alta vista   (D) Bing

8.Find the binary equivalent of decimal number 31
(A) 11111 (B) 1111 (C) 111111  (D) 111

9.The set of programs which acts as an interface between user and computer
(A) Interpreter (B) Operating System (C) Co-ordinator   (D) Assembler

10.The device that allows a single communication channel to carry simultaneously data transmitted from many terminals
(A) Multiplexer (B) Repeater (C) Amplifier  (D) Modem

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