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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Great Inventions in the history of Computers

1. 3000 B.C Invention of the abacus marks the beginning of computers. For the first time, people use a calculating device to do math.

2.1640 Blaise Pascal invents the Arithmetic Machine.

3.1822 Charles Babbage invents the Difference Engine, for use for subtracting numbers.

4.1830 Charles Babbage invents the Analytical Engine.

5.1937 Alan Turing invents the Turing Test, which determines whether something is human or not

6.1943. First electronic general purpose computer, the ENIAC, is invented.

7.1967 .IBM builds the first floppy disk.

8.1968 .Douglas Engelbart, of the Stanford Research Institute, demonstrates mouse.
             Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore found Intel Corporation.

9.1969. Advanced Micro Devices Incorporated is founded.
            Unix is developed at AT&T's Bell Laboratories.

10.1971. Niklaus Wirth invents the Pascal programming language

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