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Friday, May 10, 2013

PSC Forest Guard Examination Model Question papers / Previously Asked : 2013

Q? : Solar energy is received by the earth through:
Answer. Radiation

Q? : Gir Forest in India is in:
Answer. Gujarat

Q? :. World environment day is on:
Answer. June 5

Q? : Famous quotes "Stay hungry and Stay Foolish " by
Ans: Steve Jobs

Q? : JIMBO is the pet name of 
Ans: Jimmy Wales

Q? : ' Connecting People ' is the tag line of 
Ans: Nokia

 Q? : Which animal is on the logo of WWF 
Ans: Panda

Q? : Which animal is " Poor Man's Cow ?
Ans: goat

 Q? : What is Macaca silenus ?
Ans: Scientific name of lion-tailed monkey

 Q? : Which one is " River Horse "
Ans: Hippopotamus

 Q? : What is " CopyCat "
Ans: First Cloned Cat

 Q? : International Day of the Book falls on 
Ans: 23 April

Q? : The first Computer Programmer in the world 
Ans: Ada Lovelace

Q? : Indian state with the largest area under forest:
Answer. Madhya Pradesh

Q? :Largest Zoo in India is at:
Answer. Calcutta

Q? : “Point Calimere” is a wild life and bird sanctuary situated in which Southern State of India?
Answer. Tamil Nadu

Q? : Which ocean is nicknamed as “Herring Pond”?
Answer. Atlantic Ocean

Q? : Fear of wild animals is a phobia called:
Answer. Agrizoophobia

Q? :World Animal Welfare Day is on:
Answer. October 4

Q? : The “Atlas” bone in the human body is located in:
Answer. Neck

Q? : The Blue colour of the sky is due to:
Answer. Scattering of light

Q? : The instrument used to record the growth of plants:
Answer. Crescograph

Q? : The lady known as the “Grand Old Lady of Indian Nationalism” is:
Answer. Sarojini Naidu

Q? : The Konkan railway has been constructed between:
Answer. Mangalore and Mumbai

Q? : Panchasheel Agreement was signed between:
Answer. India and China

 Q? : How is Trichloromethane commonly known
Ans: Chloroform

 Q? : Which part of the body does leucoma affect
Ans: Eyes

 Q? : With which of these metals mercury cannot be amalgamated
Ans: Iron

Q? : The deficiency of which of these vitamins causes Beri Beri
Ans: Vitamin B1

 Q? : Slogan 'Applying Thought' is used by
Ans: Wipro

Q? : Paro is the international airport of which of these countries
Ans: Bhutan

Q? : By which name was Thailand known previously
Ans: Siam

Q? :  An order of court to produce a man in detention is called:
Answer. Habeas Corpus

Q? :  When a yellow coloured flower is placed in red light its colour becomes?
Answer. Red

Q? :  Which country is the largest producer of gold in the world?
Answer. China

Q? :  Anti Tobacco Day is on:
Answer. May 31

Q? :  Who is known as the Father of Internet?
Answer. G. Vinton Cerf

Q? : Which planet reflect sunlight the most?
Ans: Venus

 Q? : In which part of the eye, image is formed:
Ans: Retina

 Q? : Tetany is a disease which affects the functioning of:
Ans: Muscular actions

 Q? : The tallest bird:
Ans: Ostrich

 Q? : Xerophytes are grown in:
Ans: Deserts

3408 Q? : Plant that has fruits and no seeds:
Ans: Plantain

 Q? : Element formed during hydrogen bomb explosion:
Ans: Helium

 Q? : Which is known as 'Universal solvent'?
Ans: Water

 Q? : The surface that reflects all the colours in the spectrum will be seen as:
Ans: White

Q? :  ‘The Land of Cakes’ is:
Answer. Scotland

Q? : Whose pen name is Asha Menon?
Answer. K.Sreekumar

Q? :  Which cloud indicates a clear weather?
Answer. Cumulus

Q? : The greenhouse gas is:
Answer. Carbon dioxide

Q? :  The author of Alice in wonderland:
Answer. Lewis Carrol

Q? :  Birds can able to recognise their home through:
Answer. Orientation of magnetic field

Q? : . The vitamin present in yellow fruit is:
Answer. Vitamin C

 Q? : The novel written by Ernest Hemmingway in the background of Spanish War:
Ans: For whom the bells toll

Q? : Which is a brand name related to Watches:
Ans: Rolex

 Q? : The wife of Motilal Nehru and mother of Jawaharlal Nehru:
Ans: Swaroopa Rani

 Q? : The English poet and novelist who is called "Last of the Victorians":
Ans: Thomas Hardy

 Q? : Japan surrendered during the Second World War in:
Ans: 1945

 Q? : Flushing Medows in USA is related to:
Ans: Tennis

 Q? : 98-th National Science Congress 2011 was held in:
Ans: Chennai

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