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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Computer Questions Asked for UGC NET Exam

1. Encoding or scrambling data for transmission across a network is known as
Ans : Encryption

2. Which of the following is not an output device ?
Ans : Keyboard

3.Which of the following represents one billion characters ?
Ans : Gigabyte

4. Which of the following is not open source software?
Ans: Internet Explorer

5.  Which is an instant messenger that is used for chatting ?
Ans: Google Talk

6. Which one of the following represents the binary equivalent  of the decimal number 25 ?
Ans: 11001

7. The acronym FTP stands for
 (A) File Transfer Protocol (B) Fast Transfer Protocol (C) File Tracking Protocol (D) File Transfer Procedure

8. Which one of the following is not a/an
image/graphic file format ?
 (A) PNG (B) GIF
 (C) BMP (D) GUI

9. The first web browser is
 (A) Internet Explorer
 (B) Netscape
 (C) World Wide Web
 (D) Firefox

10. When a computer is booting, BIOS is
loaded to the memory by
 (A) RAM (B) ROM

11. Which one of the following is not the
same as the other three ?
 (A) MAC address
 (B) Hardware address
 (C) Physical address
 (D) IP address

12. Identify the IP address from the
following :
 (A) 300 ⋅ 215 ⋅ 317 ⋅ 3
 (B) 302 ⋅ 215@ 417 ⋅ 5
 (C) 202 ⋅ 50 ⋅ 20 ⋅ 148
 (D) 202 – 50 – 20 – 148

13. Internal communication within
institutions is done through
 (A) LAN
 (B) WAN
 (C) EBB
 (D) MMS

14. Virtual reality provides
 (A) Sharp pictures
 (B) Individual audio
 (C) Participatory experience
 (D) Preview of new films

15. The first virtual university of India came up in
 (A) Andhra Pradesh
 (B) Maharashtra
 (C) Uttar Pradesh
 (D) Tamil Nadu

16. Which of the following is a social
network ?
 (B) eBay
 (D) Twitter 

17.What is Blog ?
 (A) Online Music
 (B) Intranet
 (C) A personal or corporate website in the form of  online journal
 (D) A personal or corporate google search

18. Which of the following is not related to information security on the Internet ?
 (A) Data Encryption (B) Water marking (C) Data Hiding (D) Information Retrieval 

19. Which is the largest unit of storage among the following
(A) Terabyte (B) Megabyte (C) Kilobyte (D) Gigabyte

20. Which one of the following is not a network device ?
 (A) Router (B) Switch (C) Hub (D) CPU

21. A compiler is used to convert the following to object code which can be executed
 (A) High-level language (B) Low-level language (C) Assembly language (D) Natural language

22. bit stands for
 (A) binary information term (B) binary digit (C) binary tree (D) Bivariate Theory

23. Which one of the following is different from other members ?
(A) Google (B) Windows (C) Linux (D) Mac

24. Where does a computer add and compare its data ?
(A) CPU (B) Memory (C) Hard disk (D) Floppy disk

25. Computers on an internet are identified by
(A) e-mail address (B) street address (C) IP address (D) None of the above

26.Which one of the following is an example of Operating System ?
(A) Microsoft Word (B) Microsoft Excel (C) Microsoft Access (D) Microsoft Windows

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