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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Model Questions : IT and Cyberlaw : University Assistant Exam

1. The digital security system that uses some unique characteristic of human biology to identify authorized users:
(A) Biometrics (B) PIN Number (C)Encryption (D)Password
2. ‘Do no evil ‘ is the tag line of
(a) Yahoo b) IBM c) Wipro d) Google
3. The concept of ‘stored program computer’ is first proposed by
(a) John Von Neumann (b) Charles babage (c) Lady Ada (d) George Bool
4.PDF is the acronym for
(a) Personal digital assistant form (b) Personal digital file (c) Portable document Format (d) Portable digital file
5. An artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user accepts it as a real environment.
(A) Virtual Reality (B)Digital Reality (C)Dream (D)Artificial Reality
6. The process of loading O/S from the secondary storage on to RAM is known as -----------------
a) Loading b) Booting c) Linking d) Compiling
7. Which device is used for reading DD/Cheque number in bank
(a) OCR (b) OMR (c) MICR (d) OBR
8.Which is volatile memory
(a) PEN DRIVE (b) DVD (c) ROM (d) RAM
9.Super computer of India unveiled on 8 February 2013
(a) PARAM 10000 (b) Prithivi (c) PARAM Yuva II (d) Cray - II
10.A personal computer is a
(a) Micro computer (b) Super computer (c) Main Frame (d) Server computer
11. The practice and study of techniques for secure data communication in the presence of third parties: (A) Folding (B) Cryptography (C)Hiding (D)Phishing
12.The process of writing computer program is called
(a) Conceptual Scheme (b) Writing (c) Storing (d) Coding
13.Which is the device used in Network for strengthening or amplifying the signal (a) Repeater (b) Switch (c) Modem (4) Router
14.Result of data processing is
(a) Raw data (b) Field (c) Information (d) Tuple
15. Google Chrome is a
(a) Social Network (b) Browser (c) Compiler (d) Operating System
16.Which is not a computer language
(a) COBOL (b) PASCAL (c) MS Office (d) C
17.Which of the following is not a search engine :
(A) Tally (B) Google (C) Alta vista (D) Bing
18. An error in software or hardware is called a bug . What is the alternate computer jargon for it ? (a) glitch b) Leech c) Squid d) patch
19. Information Technology act enacted on [ Sec . Asst 2013 ] a) 19 Jan 2001 b) 30 June 2001 c) 9 June 2000 d) 15 July 1999
20.Any device connected in a network is called
(a) Bridge (b) Hub (c) Node (d) Router

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