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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Salami Attack : IT & Cyberlaw Terms

  1. All criminal activities done using the medium of computer is called---------------
  2. In India Information Technology act passed in ----------------
  3. ----------------- is the mother legislation that deals with cyber crimes in India.
  4. Rank of the police officer who investigate cyber crime in India is --------------
  5. Earlier the rank of the police officer who investigate the cyber offence in India was---------------
  6. ----------------- is refers to sending large number of emails to the victim and result into crushing.
  7. ----------------- is the altering of raw data before the computer processes it and changing it back after the processing is complete.
  8. ------------- is an cyber offence is done for financial crimes.
  9. In ------------ the data altering will be unnoticed.
  10. ------------- is the process by which the hacker gains access and control over the website of another.
  11. Mutilation is --------------
  12. Hosting of websites with obscene materials is called -----------------
  13. An email  that misrepresents its origin by showing a different origin is ---------------
  14. In the Information technology Act the chapters ---------- and -------- deal with the cybercrimes.
  15. The section deals with virus attacks is ------------
  16. The punishment by section 43 is -----------------
  17. The section 65 deals with ---------------
  18. Punishment by section 65 is -----------------
  19. Section 66 deals with -----------------
  20. Punishment by section 66 is -----------------
  1. Cyber crimes
  2. 2000
  3. Information Technology Act 2000
  4. Inspector
  5. Deputy Superintendent of police
  6. Email Bombing
  7. Data Diddling : [ Data diddling is the changing of data before or during entry into the computer system or altering the raw data just before it is processed by a computer and then changing it back after the processing is completed ]
  8. Salami attack  :[  A salami attack is when small attacks add up to one major attack that can go undetected due to the nature of this type of cyber crime. It also known as salami slicing ]
  9. Salami attack
  10. Web Hijacking
  11. Changing the information on the site
  12. Pornography
  13. Spoofed email
  14. 9 and 11
  15. Section 43
  16. Fine up to 1 crore RS
  17. Tampering with computer source documents
  18. Imprisonment up to 3 years / fine up to 2 lakhs RS/ with both
  19. Hacking with computer system
  20. Imprisonment for a term which may extend up to 3 years/ a fine which may extend upto 5 lakhs/ with both

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