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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HSST Computer Science : Junior / Senior : Syllabi : Kerala PSC : Page 3

6.     Data Communication and Computer Networks
Data Communication : Analog and Digital transmission. Asynchronous and Synchronous
transmission. Transmission media. Multiplexing and Concentration, Switching techniques.
Polling. Channel capacity.  Transmission media - twisted pair, coaxial cables, fibre-optic
cables, wireless transmission- radio, microwave and infrared waves. Light wave
transmission. Telephones - local loop, trunks, multiplexing, switching, narrowband ISDN,
broadband ISDN. ATM, High speed LANs. Cellular Radio, Communication satellitesgeosynchronous and low-orbit.
Reference Models : The OSI model,  TCP/I P model.
Topologies, Networking Devices. Protocols for - ( i) Data link layer (ii) Network layer, and
(iii) Transport layer, TCP/I P protocols, Networks security, Network administration.
Local Area Networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), Wide Area Networks
(WAN). Wireless Networks, Inter Networks.
Internetworking : Switch/Hub. Bridge. Router. Gateways. Concentrated virtual circuits.
Tunnelling, Fragmentation. Firewalls.Routing : Virtual circuits and datagrams. Routing Algorithms. Congestion control.
Network Security : Cryptography - public key, secret key, Domain Name System (DNS) - Electronic
Mail and World Wide Web {WWW). The DNS, Resource Records. Name servers. E-mail
architecture and E-mail Servers.

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