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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HSST Computer Science : Junior / Senior : Syllabi : Kerala PSC : Page 5

9.   Software  Engineering
System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) : Steps, Water fall model. Prototypes, Spiral model.
Software Metrics ; Software Project Management.
Software Design : System design. detailed design. function oriented design, object-oriented design,
user interface design. Design level metrics.
Coding and Testing : Testing level metrics. Software quality and reliability. Clean room approach,
software engineering
   10.     Computer Graphics
Display systems. Input devices, 2D Geometry - .Algorithms for drawing primitives, clipping and
windowing, windows, view ports, Graphic operations for transformations , 3D Graphics. Animation,
Graphics standard. Applications.
Storage Devices, Input Tools. Authoring Tools, Application, Files.
11.  Programming Language Theory
Programming language concepts, paradigms, models.
Data. Data types, Operators, Expressions. Assignment. Flow of Control - Control structures, I/O
structures. I/O statements, User-Defined and built- in functions. Parameter passing.
Principles, classes, inheritance, class hierarchies, polymorphism, dynamic binding, reference
semantics and their implementation.
Principles, functions, lists, types and polymorphism, higher order functions, lazy evaluation,
equations and pattern matching.
Principles, horn clauses and their execution, logical variables, relations, data structures, controlling
the search order, program development in Prolog, implementation of Prolog, example programs in

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