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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Computer GK Questions for Bank P.O Examinations Solved

1) Fastest component of a computer system is 
a) Flash ROM 
b) Cache memory 
d) CPU

2. Which tags are placed on animals, to track all of the animals movements.
b) RFID c) PPS 
d) GPS

3. _______________ uses an FAT for file allocation?
b) Linux 
c) Unix 
d) Solaris

4. TLB stands for?
 a) Table Lookup Buffer 
b) Translation Look aside Buffer 
c) Translation table 
d) None

5. The address space of 8086 CPU is?
1 Megabytes 
b) 256 Kilobytes 
c) 1 Kilobyte 
d) 64 kilobytes

6. The following statement
 printf(”%f”, 9/5); prints
1.8 (b) 1.0 (c) 2.0 (d) none of the above

7. C is a?
high level language (b) low level language
high level language with some low level features.
(d) low level language with some high level features.

8. What will happen if in a C program you assign a value to an array element whose subscript exceeds the size of array?
 (a. The element will be set to 0.
The compiler would report an error.
(c. The program may crash if some important data gets overwritten.
(d. The array size would appropriately grow.

9. Which of the following operations can be performed on the file "NOTES.TXT" using the below code? FILE *fp;
fp = fopen("NOTES.TXT", "r+");
(a. Reading
(b. Writing
(c. Appending 
(d,Read and Write 

10. One of the following is not a real RDBMS
dBase b) DBII c) MA Access d) Oracle

1. When data is sent on more than one line at a time, it is called:
(a) Parallel data transmission 
(b) Serial data transmission
(c) Data Structure
(d) Data transmission

2. Among the following, which is the component most commonly used to provide permanent storage of data? (a) Floppy-drive
(b) Hard Disk
(d) Pen Drive

3. What does BIOS stands for?
(a) Basic Input/Output Software
(b) Basic Input/Output System 
(c) Basic Indoor/Outdoor System
(d) Basic Inside/Outside System

4. Verification of a login name and password is known as:
(A) configuration
(B) accessibility
(C) Authentication
(D) logging in

5. 'MICR' technology used for clearance of cheques by banks refers to—
(1) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
(2) Magnetic Intelligence Character Recognition
(3) Magnetic Information Cable Recognition
(4) Magnetic Insurance Cases Recognition

6. "Try before you buy" is the main concept of:
(a) Freeware License
(b) Shareware License
(c) Public Domain License
(d) Open Source License

7. The resolution of a printer is measured in:
(a) Ipi
(b) dpi 
(c) pixel
(d) ppm

8. The average time taken by a computer to locat data on the storage medium is known as:
(a) Random Access
(b) Sequential Access
(c) Access Time 
(d) Booting Time

9. High speed memory that allows a microprocesso to access data more rapidly than from memoy located elsewhere on the motherboard is known as:
(a) Cache 
(b) ROM
(c) Benchmark
(d) Flash

10. The computer's main circuit board that houses all essential chips and provides connecting circuitry between them.
(a) Graphics Card
(b) Mother Board 
(c) Integrated Circuit
(d) System Unit

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