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Thursday, June 7, 2012


3467 Q? : Computer can recognize finger prints. This feature is known as 
Ans: Biometrics

3466 Q? : Which of the following is the technique for managing peripherals
Ans: Spooling

3465 Q? : What is the main folder on a storage device is called
Ans: Root Directory

3464 Q? : An IT term refers to allowing someone to open webpage and see websites on the internet
Ans: Web browsing

3463 Q? : The topology of LAN 
Ans: Bus

3462 Q? : In IPV4.0 the length of an IP address is
Ans: 4 Bytes

3461 Q? : An IP address is most useful for : [ IT ]
Ans: Network interface identification & Location addressing

3460 Q? : Which command is used in Windows for IP configuration : [ IT ]
Ans: winipcfg


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