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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Likely answer are given if any other answer pls share. If you remember any other question please post here we can have possible answer.

?. According tor B. R. Ambedkar which of the following Fundamental rights is Heart and Soul of indian constitution.

Ans. Constitutional remedies

?.Chlorofloro carbons are related to
Ans. Gases from AC and Refrigerators

?.Indian Institute of Advanced Study

?. TRP stands for
Ans. Television ratings Points

?. 2,6,12,20,30,42,56,?
Ans. 72.

?. DAVP stands for
Ans. Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity

?. Where is the MC College of Mass Communication?

?.S&P Waves are related to:
Ans.Earth Quakes

?. Internet Explorer is a

?.Regional centres of NCTE in India

?.Which is not a computer language
Ans.Microsoft office

?. Non-renewable energy source
Ans. ?

?.District Collector system was established by:
Ans.Warren Hastings

?.All India Radio renamed in 
Ans.1936 [ not sure ]

? Which gas cause eye irritation
Ans.Sulphur dioxide

? Complete the series y v s p ?


Anonymous said...

Wto was founded in which year?

Anonymous said...

Not a projected aid

Shahid latif said...

Oath of indian president?

Ashik said...

Please Answer this Questions:
1.TCp/Ip stands for
2.MCj institute situating place
3.Indian TV System following.......
4.ABCDEF standing round who besides F&A

Anonymous said...

Indian institute of advanced study

Dipankar Das said...

Ans- 72.

Anonymous said...

indian tv system : pal

Anonymous said...

ans for abcde in circle is d
Ans for y v s p is m

Anonymous said...

Am other questions were

1.which among these is not a comp language
m s office
2.imp. characteristic of a teacher
content mastery and communication skills
3.function of ncert
school education does a child learns arithmetic skills via project on celeb of Diwali
5.national values are enshrined in
choice_preamble,articles,fundamental rights,all of above(ans not confirmed)
6.which is not used as indicator for water purity
density(other choices were TSA,coliform count,oxygen demand

Anonymous said...

Questions whose ans not confirmed or most probable ans
7.teaching style where techer maintains discipline in autocratic manner but solves and clarifies the doubts of individual students
most probable choices. flexible or democratic style
. technologically equipped classroom conferencing is a
2 way a/v communication
Define Venn diagram

Anonymous said...

Oath of president
to uphold and maintain constitutional law

Anonymous said...

petrol price must be decreased by 20% so that the expenditure should remain same .

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