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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UGC NET Answer Key June 24 , 2012 : Computer Science : My attempt

UGC NET Answer Key June 24 , 2012

Some of the questions asked for UGC NET Computer Science and applications. Likely answer are given if any other answer pls share.

?. Granularity means
A: Size of data item

?. Level of abstraction deals with what type of data is stored in the database
A: Logical level

?.Encryption and Decryption of data is done in which layer?
A:presentation layer

?. which of the following is not UNIX shell
A:Net Shell

?x.25 is
A:connection oriented

?. Printf("%c",100)

A:Ascii values corresponds to 100

?.Which of the trees needs to have all leaves in the same level
A: B trees

?.CMM level 4 also included in

A:CMM level 5

?. hiding data and code
A: Encapsulation

?Reliability of a software depend on
A: No.of errors present

?. which data structure is used for heirarchical

?. E-commerce cannot be used in
for evaluating employee performance


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Anonymous said...

Do any one have the information that the The answer key of ugc net held on june 24, 2012 will be published by UGC

Anonymous said...

some more solved questions of ugc 2012, june:
1. No: of binary trees can be costructed from 5 Node: Ans.120
2. ..which is a linear list:
Ans.All the above
3. ICMP protocol used in which layer?
Ans.Network layer.
4. problem related to pagefault....

Anonymous said...

Result will be declared within August 2012

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