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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Solved Paper RESERVE CONDUCTOR - 09/06/2012- Trivandrum , Kozhikode , Thrissur & Pathanamthitta

Answer key of PSC Reserve Conductor Exam 09/06/2012 

1. Formation of PLO in
A. 1964

2.Who signed in UN charter for India ?
A. Ramaswami Muthaliyar

3.Last ritual in kadakali

4."Death of hill" in indus valley civilization

5. Nation, which is not a member of G-4
[ Hint : G4, comprised of Japan, India, Germany, and Brazil ]

6. Chandrayan-I launched from

7.Muhammed Nasheed was the president of

8. The term 'MEMU' associated with
A.Newly allotted train service in kerala

9. In which river Pallivasal project situated

10.The first railway line in kerala runs between
A. Bepur and Tirur

11.The first battle of tarain was fought between
A. Muhammad Ghauri and Prithviraj Chauhan.

12.Author of Kerala Pazhama
A. Hermann Gundert

13.Kumarappa committee related to
A. Land Reforms

14.Indian State implemented DPEP at the first time
A. Uttarpradesh

15. Place known as "City of Weaver" in india 
A. panipat

16. kerala state women's commission chairperson
A. None of these

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The likely answers are given..if you have any suggestion pls comment here.

reserve conductor answer key 2012 phase 3.


Faisal qblpindia said...

What about the cut off mark of ksrtc conductor exam ?

I hope the cut off mark will be b/w 70 to 80

Arun said...

Where is full questions

Anonymous said...

njangale polulla pavapetta alkar kudi jeevichotte ithraum valya pravachanangal venda.ith IAS exam onnum alla. cut off 45-52 rangil ayirikkum.

Srishti Dubey said...

Preparing for IAS general studies and csat exam and being enrolled in the general studies for IAS exam and csat question bank at I was looking for similar information. Still I have a query, please tell me about whether to go for Hindi as a essay or for English in the IAS exam?

Anonymous said...

aarum vishamikkenda cut off mark 40-42 ayirikum. Allathe kooduthal cut off ayal kure budhijeevikal mathram listil varikayum mattu higher list varumbol kalanjechu pokukayum cheyum. Kure joly avashyamillatha penpiller ingane ulla test ezhuthunnathanu cheruppakkaraya aanpillerku iruttadi akunnathu. Joly kittathe Vivaham kazhikan polum kazhiyathe thendi alayunnathu. Penpillerku kuzhapam illa, avalumarku kalyanavum kazhikam kettunna konthanmar coaching centre il konduvidukayum cheyum. Avanmar allenkil parayanam aanpillerude joly anu ezhutharuthennu. Athengana athu parayan stand vende. Ammayiammaye giant wheel il kayattunna inangala... Kalikalam.

Anonymous said...

Dear faizal,..... urumiyekkall moorchayudu vaakkukalkku.......aayathinaal itharam kadutha pravachanangal venda

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous , Joli anungalude mathram kuthaka alla mind it. Please do the needful to respect ladies........Give respect and take respect ennaanallo? ithe test thante sister o wife o ezhuthiyal than eppo prolsahippichu ennu kettal mathi . That mean all are selfish.,

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