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Friday, October 19, 2012

secretariat assistant exam information technology objective questions.

Q . Keyboard designed to reduce the risk of wrist and hand injuries.
1) ANSI Keyboard 2) Qwerty Keyboard 3)Ergonomic Keyboard 4) Virtual Keyboard

Q. Eudora is a
1) e-mail client 2) web editor 3) File compression utility 4)Anti Virus

Q. Unsolicited bulk emails received from unknown source are called
1) captcha 2) worms 3) Trojan 4) spam

4.Symbol used to represent ‘decision making ’ in a flowchart
1) Oval 2) Circle 3) parallelogram 4) Rhombus

5.Process of finding useful pattern from a huge database is known as
1) Redundancy 2)Data Mining 3)Data digging 4)Normalization

6. User defined tags are possible using

7. Table maintained by operating system to manage disk space used for file storage
1)FAT 2)space table 3)TAT 4)Index table

8. Symbol used to make an absolute reference to column in MS Excel
1)$ 2)@ 3)# 4)&

9. What does pixel means
1)Picture element 2)Storage unit 3)speed factor 4)None of these

10.SEO technics, attempt unfairly to redirect search results to a particular target page
1.Spoofing 2.Spamdexing 3.Optimizing 4.Querying

11.The terms SaaS and PaaS related to
1.Data Security 2.MS Office 3.Cloud computing 4.Artificial Intelligence

a. Richard Stalman b. Henry Dunant c. Pascal d. John von neumann

13. Founder of the social networking website 'Facebook'
a. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg b. Henry Dunant c. Pascal d. John von neumann

Answer Key 

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