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Thursday, May 8, 2014

MIS Question Bank

50.Buying and selling goods over the Internet is called __________
          1)    hyper-marketing
          2)   cyber-selling
          3)    e-commerce
          4)   euro-conversion

51. In Windows ME. what does ME stand for?
1) Millennium 2) Micro-Expert 3) Macro-Expert
4) Multi-Expert 5) My-Expert

52.Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym
I)CD 2)DVD 3) ROM  4)RW 5)ROS

53. Excel is a program that is used to prepare a _
1) Database 2) Text Document 3) Spreadsheet
4) Slide Presentation 5) None of these

54. What does EDI stand for?
1.Electronic Data Interface
2.E-Commerce Data Interface
3.Electronic Data Interchange
4.Electronic Document Interaction

55.A _____ allows customers to continue browsing after selecting each item they wish to purchase.
1.Shopping Cart 2.Forms-based interface 3.SSL connection 4 .Virtual memory

56. Programs that are automatically loaded and operate as a part of your browser are referred to as __________.
         1)   FTP
         2)   plug-ins
         3)   spider
         4)   Telnet
57. An Internet standard for transferring files is known as
          1)   EDI
          2)   Telnet
          3)   FTP
          4)   SET

58. This type of electronic commerce involves the sale of a product or service to the general public.
          1)   B2C
          2)   B2P
          3)   C2C
          4)   B2B

59.A is the term used when a search engine returns a Web page that
matches the search criteria.
1) blog 2) hit 3) link 4) view

60. These search engines receive the results, eliminate duplicates, order the hits, and then provide the edited list to you
          1)    megasearch engines
          2)   metasearch engines
          3)    keyword search engines
          4)   directory search engines

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