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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Why GK is Important for Competitive Exam

  1. Which is the building blocks of proteins?

    (A) Amino acids
    (B) Nitric acid
    (C) Acetic acid
    (D) Citric acid

  2. Which of the following is an artificial method of vegetative propagation?

    (A) Bulb
    (B) Rhizomes
    (C) Tubers
    (D) Grafting

  3. The Director of the malayalam movie ‘Parinayam’

    (A) I.V. Sasi
    (B) T.V. Chandran
    (C) Shaji Kailas
    (D) Hariharan

  4. The First Asian Games was held in ———

    (A) New Delhi
    (B) Singapore
    (C) Bangkok
    (D) Colombo

  5. Radio was invented by:

    (A) John L. Baird
    (B) Charles Babbage
    (C) Faraday
    (D) Marconi

  6. Which of the animals given below is ‘generally not’ considered under “livestock”?

    (A) Elephant
    (B) Horse
    (C) Sheep
    (D) Pig

  7. One consistent feature found in the history of Southern India was the growth of small reiognal kingdoms rather than large empires because of

    (A) The absence of minerals like iron
    (B) Too many divisions in the social structure
    (C) The absence of vast areas of fertile land
    (D) The scarcity of manpower

  8. The Portuguese colonialism started in India in ————

    (A) 1498 AD
    (B) 1526 AD
    (C) 1857 AD
    (D) 1757 AD

  9. Who among the following rulers was very proficient in dancing and music ?

    (A) Adil Shah Sur
    (B) Babur
    (C) Akbar
    (D) Jahangir

  10. The festival Kumbhamela is celebrated in:

    (A) Bihar
    (B) Uttar Pradesh
    (C) Andhra Pradesh
    (D) Madhya Pradesh

  11. The work of Vaikom Mohammed Basheer is:

    (A) Balyakalasakh
    (B) Ummachu
    (C) Kayar
    (D) Randamoozham

  12. The 73rd amendment to the Constitution of India relates to the institution of ———

    (A) Panchayati Raj
    (B) Nagara Palika
    (C) Reservation of Government jobs to SC/ST
    (D) Reservation of Government jobs to the minorities

  13. Which of the following relates to an economic grouping of developing countries formed in 1990?

    (A) G 7
    (B) G 77
    (C) G 8
    (D) G 15

  14. The ‘Tower of Victory’ at Chittor was built by Rana of Mewar to commemorate the victory of

    (A) Rana Hamir Deva over Khizer Khan
    (B) Rana Sanga over Mahmud II
    (C) Rana Taran Singh over Mahmud II
    (D) Rana Kumbha over Sultan Mahmud Khilji

  15. Bleat is the cry of:

    (A) Calf
    (B) Cat
    (C) Sheep
    (D) Swan

  16. India ranks first in the production of ——— in the world

    (A) Tea
    (B) Rice
    (C) Cotton
    (D) Wheat

  17. World population was estimated to have crossed 500 crores on ————

    (A) 21 July 1987
    (B) 11 July 1987
    (C) 13 July 1988
    (D) 24 July 1986

  18. Codes of conduct of the Vedic society are laid down in which of the following specifically ?

    (A) Epics
    (B) Smritis
    (C) Puranas
    (D) Vedas

  19. The common technique employed in determining the age of archaeological specimens is:

    (A) Radio-carbon dating
    (B) Ultrasonic method
    (C) Chemical analysis
    (D) Radio-phosphor dating

  20. Hirakud Dam Stands across the river

    (A) Hoogly
    (B) Mahanadi
    (C) Godavari
    (D) Krishna

  21. The best conductor of electricity

    (A) Pure water
    (B) Cold water
    (C) Salt water
    (D) Distilled water

  22. A set of words is given. One of the words do not belong to the set. Which is that?

    (A) Rose
    (B) Lotus
    (C) Dahlia
    (D) Papaya

  23. The Allhabad Pillar inscription is an important source of information about the reign of

    (A) Ashoka
    (B) Chandragupta II
    (C) Kanishka
    (D) Samudragupta

  24. Of these who got the Saraswati Samman?

    (A) Madhavi Kutty
    (B) Lalithambika Antharjanam
    (C) Sugathakumari
    (D) Balamani Amma

  25. Dhanwantri Award is given in the field of

    (A) sports
    (B) music
    (C) medicine
    (D) science

  26. The region of which of the following is usually considered to have been the golden period of Mughal rule in India ?

    (A) Akbar
    (B) Aurangazeb
    (C) Jahangir
    (D) Shah Jahan

  27. The World Food Programme is meant to:

    (A) keep a buffer stock of food grains
    (B) serve as a food bank for countries not able to meet their requirements of food
    (C) regulate the production of food grains
    (D) None of these

  28. A square solid has ——— faces

    (A) four
    (B) six
    (C) eight
    (D) ten

  29. What is the approximate number of genes synthesized by Dr. Har Gobind Khorana?

    (A) 50
    (B) 65
    (C) 77
    (D) 93

  30. The country which ranks first in the production of newsprint

    (A) China
    (B) Canada
    (C) Japan
    (D) None of these

  31. Which of the following is an example for adventitious roots?

    (A) Carrot
    (B) Beetroot
    (C) Tapioca
    (D) Radish

  32. Tropical grasslands of Africa are known as:

    (A) Steppes
    (B) Savannas
    (C) Pampas
    (D) Prairies

  33. Kanishka’s capital was at Purushapura. Which of the following places in his large kingdom had the status almost of a second capital ?

    (A) Banaras
    (B) Mathura
    (C) Sanchi
    (D) Taxila

  34. The height of Mount Anamudi is estimated to be

    (A) 1,817 metres
    (B) 3,817 metres
    (C) 2,817 metres
    (D) 4,800 metres

  35. Cocosnucifera is the scientific name of:

    (A) Coconut palm
    (B) Cocoaplant
    (C) Coconut
    (D) Coffee tree

  36. The development of architecture was at its peak during the reign of

    (A) Guptas
    (B) Cholas
    (C) Pandyas
    (D) Nandas

  37. Which fundamental right is concerned with abolition of social distinctions?

    (A) Right to equality
    (B) Right against exploitation
    (C) Right to freedom
    (D) Cultural and Educational Rights

  38. The source of oxygen for fish living at the bottom layer of the sea is:

    (A) its gills
    (B) air sacs in the abdomen
    (C) small sea plants
    (D) the sea water

  39. Which of the following is not true of Rajya Sabha?

    (A) The Vice-President is the Ex-officio Chairman of the house
    (B) It is the upper house of the Parliament
    (C) The nominated members of the Rajya Sabha also elect the President
    (D) Money bills cannot be introduced in the Rajya Sabha

  40. Who, amongst the following after marriage, became known as Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir ?

    (A) Razia Sultana
    (B) Asmat Begam
    (C) Ladli Begam
    (D) Mehr-un-Nisa

  41. Which one deals with the study of diseases?

    (A) pathology
    (B) Neurology
    (C) Cardiology
    (D) Etymology

  42. According to the Chiness chronicleres, Kushans were known as :

    (A) Turushka
    (B) Yu-chi
    (C) Turks
    (D) Tartars

  43. The Headquarters of ILO is at ————

    (A) Brussels
    (B) the Hague
    (C) Geneva
    (D) Washington

  44. Rights co- exist with ——— in a democratic country

    (A) privilege
    (B) duties
    (C) needs
    (D) liberty

  45. Which of the following is a physical change?

    (A) Burning of cooking gas
    (B) Souring of milk
    (C) Digestion of food
    (D) Dissolution of sugar in water

  46. Who was called ‘Asia’s Light’ in Ancient India ?

    (A) Buddha
    (B) Ashoka
    (C) Gandhi
    (D) Mohammad

  47. The first Five-year plan was started in the year:

    (A) 1947
    (B) 1950
    (C) 1951
    (D) None of these

  48. Who, amongst the following, raided India in the very first year of the 11th century ?

    (A) Chengiz Khan
    (B) Muhammed
    (C) Sultan Subuktigin
    (D) Sultan Mahmud

  49. O. Henry is the pen name of

    (A) Charles Dickens
    (B) Anne Bronte
    (C) David Cornwell
    (D) William Sydney Porter

  50. The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of

    (A) Sutlej and Beas
    (B) Jhelum and Chenab
    (C) Ravi and Chenab
    (D) Ganga and Jamuna

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