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Saturday, November 7, 2015

IT Questions : Clerk / Cashier Dist Co-op Bank

1. What is meant by Seek Time ?
a) Time to select a track
b) Time to select a sector
c) Time to access data
d) Time taken by the disk for one complete rotation

2. Mark Zuckerberg is related to
a) Google
b) Facebook
c) Wikipedia
d) Whatsapp

3. Full form of WiFi
a) Wireless first
b) Wireless friendly
c) Wireless fidelity
d) Wireless fetching

4. 1 PB represents
a) 1024 KB
b) 1024 TB
c) 1024 GB
d) 1024 MB

5. Which company developed Android Operating System
a) Samsung
b) Google
c) Microsoft
d) IBM

6. Booting is process of
a) Loading application program from secondary memory to primary memory
b) Loading OS from secondary memory to primary memory
c) Loading OS from primary memory to secondary memory
d) All of the Above

7. Microsoft is planning to release __________ OS that will support PC , Laptops , Smart Phones and Tablets.
a) Windows 8.2
b) Windows 8.3
c) Windows 9.0
d) Windows 10

8. Which of the following is invention of Charles Babbage
a) Abacus
b) Numerical Wheel Calculator
d) Difference Engine

9. Which of the following is first Intel Processor ?
a) 4004
b) 4040
c) 4001
d) 8085

10. Knowledge base is related to
a) Compilers
b) Operating Systems
c) Artificial Intelligence
d) GUI

11. Page Rank algorithm is used in
a) Yahoo
b) Google
c) Ask
d) Bing

12. Crawler programs are used in
a) DBMS  
b) Spread sheet      
c) Word processor  
d) Search Engine

13. Which of the following is an artificial intelligence based application
a) Dream Weaver  
b) Lotus      
c) SIRI  
d) None of these

14. Base of hexadecimal system is
a) Eight    b) One        c) Two d)16

15. The tangible parts  of a computer system are called as
a) malware b) software c) hardware d) firmware

16. The process of a sending request from client to server is  -----
a) downloading b) pulling c) Querying d) transferring

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